Why Forex traders lose money in 2019? Pro trader insights

Why Forex traders lose money?

Why Forex traders lose money? Well, probably this is one of the most common questions you will come across on the internet. Now with my experience, I have seen a lot. Especially when I was trading for different institutions and when I was working for a couple of brokers.

So why Forex traders lose money. Well, probably that’s one of the most common questions you will come across over the internet. Now with my experience, I have seen a lot. Especially when I was trading for different institutions and when I worked for a couple of brokers.

I dealt a lot with the clients, and I can tell you that, unfortunately, over 95 to 97% of the traders lose money, and over 70% of the traders zero their accounts during the first one month. And for me, this is unbelievable. Even I know that’s the truth. But it’s incredible because people jump into trading without having any idea what they’re doing.

Why Forex traders lose money? People aren’t educated on how to trade.

I can say this is one of the most important reasons, and I can say this is reason number one just because people lack education when it comes to trading. Now trading is like every other job.

Doctors study for 10 years, teachers study for…what, 7, 8 years in different countries. And people do expect they will stay in front of the computer for 1, 2 days and they will learn how to trade just because they saw some free YouTube clips or they saw some education from their broker that teaches them nothing. So traders lack education and education is very easy nowadays, to be honest.

Before, when I was studying there wasn’t much material over the internet, I was studying from books. It was time-consuming, it was nothing extraordinary that could be found really in books because the old methods don’t apply anymore. And this is probably reason number 2. I can say, everyone trades the same way using the same things and expects to have profits.

Study the trading statistics to get insights.

So head and shoulders, any pattern formations like a double top, triple bottom or whatever it is, normally these things are visible on the chart. And you can find so many patterns like that and it’s easy to learn those but obviously if everyone is using those they wouldn’t work. Right? And if the statistics are that 95% of the forex trader losing money, then you should think, alright, how this 5% are trading in order to have profitable results.

Or the question is: Why Forex traders lose money if they know that they should not use what everyone tells them?

This is the issue. When the beginner traders step on the market and they see this one and the same education about fancy patterns they accept it as the only proper way to do it. It is not about having the wrong education, it is about having this massive education that one finds everywhere.  So how the profitable traders do it?

Now they don’t use all the famous and conventional methods in trading. So this 5% are different institutional brokers that have access to paid data. They have information about the news quite faster than what we see on the websites.

And the others, I can say, 1 – 2% of the traders are the ones that are trading with the help of huge funds and institutions, where they have an unlimited number of funds, and they don’t think about having a tiny Stop Loss behind their position. Now the rest 1%, where I find myself, actually are those that trade for quite a long time having, let’s say, a regular trading account that allows them to trade regularly and those that are using algorithmic trading.

Do not involve emotions while trading.

That answers partially the question Why Forex traders lose money? So during the last five years, I have specialized in algorithmic trading, and with algorithmic trading, we succeed in avoiding the emotions. So when you’re staying in front of the screen you should be relaxed, no feelings involved. You should depend on the Expert Advisors, for example, on that screen, you can see I am trading with 100 strategies.

And you can see how many trades are opened and how many trades are being opened nearly every 15 minutes. So here I am testing 100 strategies for GBPUSD at the moment, and I’m trading with them. And I recorded, recently, a course about this 100 GBPUSD strategies because it’s a great system that teaches the traders how to avoid emotions, how to trade fully automatically.:


Why Forex traders lose money
Trading with 100 strategies into Portfolio Experts


And all we need to do is to follow the performance of these Expert Advisors and decide which strategies to leave in the account, which strategies to remove because everyone knows that the market changes. So we cannot expect to trade with the same strategy continuously. We trade with many Expert Advisors, and we see which ones are profitable for the current market conditions, and which ones are losing.

Remove the losing strategies.

So those that are losing, we remove them. Also, when we trade with many strategies, we diversify the risk. This way, I achieve more stable results, and if some strategy loses, the others compensate for this loss.

Now every strategy has its losing phase. You won’t find any strategy that will make you a profit regularly, but the thing is that most of the people and most of the traders keep looking for this strategy that will bring them benefit like all the time, every day. And I will say that’s not the reality and that’s why when we have many strategies into the account and when one strategy is in the losing phase, the others compensate the loss, and we remove this strategy because we don’t want to trade it while it is in this losing phase.

And what usually happens with the beginner traders that lose money is they test the strategy, no matter manual strategy or an Expert Advisor. If the strategy loses for a couple of days, they remove it, and they get upset, and they start looking for the new strategy. But all they need to do is to combine many Expert Advisors. So Why Forex trading lose money? They do not know how to diversify the risk.

I use Strategy Builders to generate many Expert Advisors.

So how I achieved that, I use Strategy Builders to generate me many Expert Advisors. One of the Strategy Builders I use is EA Studio. The other one is FSB Pro. So these are professional software, they cost a bit of money.

Of course, for some people is not a bit of money but it’s professional software that I cannot trade without. And actually, when I am capable of generating many Expert Advisors and strategies, I have the freedom to trade with so many strategies and Expert Advisors in one account.

So probably, this is the next reason why Forex traders lose money. They don’t use professional software, and they don’t have the chance to trade with so many strategies in one account. They depend only on one strategy, which is a huge mistake. You cannot depend on one strategy. It has it’s losing phase, and you don’t want to sit in front of the screen trading for a couple of days and have only losses.

For beginner traders, have the tryout period first.

This is where people get mad frustrated, and they lose themselves in trading. Now one of the next, I can say, is the tryout period. This is what I call it for beginner traders.

So many traders want to see how it’s going in trading, you know beginner traders. So they open small accounts like $200, $500, they don’t put any effort to learn anything. They say, “Alright, I will test how the Forex market is at $200, it’s nothing to lose so much.”

And they lose the money, and then they say, “Alright I learned that thing and that thing, and because I did this, this was wrong. I will open another account, let’s say, with 500 this time because I learned something already.” And they lose this account, and they fund again, and they usually do a couple of times, three to four times statistically, and they lose it. Why Forex traders lose money? They keep funding the account and lose it, instead of changing something.

Why Forex traders lose money? Trade on a virtual account before trying out a live account.

But they have already lost like $1000 or $2000, which is good money to start with trading. But I could tell you that less than 1% of the beginner traders start with such accounts. So it’s an illusion that you try how it’s going with a small account, that you don’t care about.

Because then it will come to another account, and another account, and at one moment they get a little bit afraid. “Well, I lost like $2000, and I think this is not for me.” And they leave it.

So it is possible as well to trade on a virtual account where you don’t risk a lot. And you can open an account with $5,000, for example, or $2,000, see how it’s going there but on the virtual account and not on the live account. So it is much much better to trade on the live account when you are having already the system and to see how things are going or to test it on the virtual account where you don’t lose actual money.

Take caution about scam brokers.

Now another very important reason is scam brokers. Unfortunately, nowadays, there are many scam brokers. These are companies that have no regulation. People fund their trading accounts, and they lose their money without having any chance of profiting.

And in our forum actually at EA Forex academy, we have the topic that is called “How to Recognize the Scam Brokers”:


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And if you have the time, you can spend just a couple of minutes reading it. So here we have described how exactly the scam brokers work. If this happens to you, you will recognize the steps, what they do.

So, for example, you leave your contact online they start calling you immediately over the phone. They will ask you to deposit a minimum of $250, sometimes even less. They will ask your credit card and debit card details over the phone, which is illegal. Then after that, they will take your money.

Why Forex traders lose money? Scammers make fraudulent calls.

You will receive a call from the compliance department, and when you send your documents, you cannot do anything to chargeback. And then start the horrible thing when a more professional trader or so-called professional trader calls you and asks for more money. These people have no idea about trading, and they scam the people all the time.

Unfortunately, it happens a lot daily. We have many students joining the Academy, where they share bad experiences with the scam brokers. Unfortunately, not too much could be done. But what we do is we try to protect our traders and students from the scam brokers as maximum as possible.

And the other reason, I can say, is trying to stop trading manually. This is one of the biggest reasons why people lose money. They trade manually. They try to predict the market. They fall in love with the trades.

People tend to become greedy after making a few profitable trades.

There are so many reasons around with manual trading, but most importantly, there are emotions. People feel greedy when they make a couple of profitable trades. They say, “Wow my system is so profitable. I did three consecutive trades on a profit. It’s time to increase my trading capital, it’s time to increase the trading size.”

And then, when the losing phase of the strategy comes, they lose their money very quickly. As well people are afraid when…I have seen so many times traders being on profit, and they hurry to close the trade because they are on a profit, and they are afraid not to lose this profit. Why Forex traders lose money? They do everything the opposite way because this is what their emotions say.

And I had seen clients when I was working for one of the brokers that were keeping positions with months on a loss, and they have this risk tolerance to keep their trades for a couple of months hoping that the price will get to their entry-level. But when they are on a profit, they don’t even wait for a single day they see the profit, the small profit and they close the trade and they say, “Wow OK now I am out with zero losses and a small profit.”

Why Forex traders lose money? Do not try making predictions.

So they waited like, a couple of months to be out without profit so basically, they did nothing. And the next trade comes and again they have this tolerance for waiting for the huge loss for many months. And sometimes the price doesn’t reach to the level it was before, just like what happened with the Bitcoin and so many traders, people lost their money.

Because they were buying when it was already expensive, and they were keeping their Bitcoins hoping that the price will reach the game to this level. That was at the beginning of 2018, but so far, it didn’t happen. It might happen, we don’t know. So we don’t do expectations.

I don’t try to predict what will happen. I don’t know what will happen. The price now, I know, of GBPUSD is 129.55. I don’t know where it will be after 5 or 10 minutes. I don’t care where it will be.

I depend totally on the Expert Advisors on the statistics I see from my trading, and I don’t put any emotions in trading to predict the market and not to fall into any feelings. This is crucially important in trading.

Thanks for reading the article. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in our forum, and I will answer you.