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Top 10 EURUSD EA – the best way to find profitable strategies by EA Forex Academy

Top 10 Expert Advisors course for the EURUSD was launched by EA Forex Academy. The trader Petko Aleksandrov has created a portfolio of strategies and traded them in one trading account. His idea was to extract the Top 10 Expert Advisors by following precise statistics, and he succeeded!

In the course, you will see how he is following the stats and how he extracted the Top 10 EURUSD EA. And by Top, we mean the current Top performers.

Below you will see a free lecture, and you will learn how he is doing it.

Hello dear traders, this is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy, I would like to welcome you one more time in our Expert Advisors course – Top 10 EURUSD strategies.

The idea for this course came to me after I created the Forex strategy course – Portfolio trading strategies + 12 Expert Advisors with creating a portfolio of EURUSD ЕА strategies on different time frames as H1, M30, M1, M15 and M5.

And if you have watched this course I have placed them in one trading account. As you can see they are all over here:

Top 10 Expert Advisors for EURUSD ЕА
All Expert Advisors trade in one account.

And for nearly 3 months, I didn’t touch this account. I didn’t touch a single trade, I didn’t pause during the news as well. This trading was running on my VPS all the way long for 3 months. I will show you the statistics now.

And what I will do actually from now on?

I will trade only the Top 10 Expert Advisors from these 40 strategies. Basically I will be trading on live account only the Top 10 strategies that perform the best. This demo account I will leave it on the VPS to run. And once again I will be selecting only the 10 strategies.

And of course with this course, you will receive it and you receive the Top 10 Expert Advisors(EURUSD EA). You can trade as well if you wish these strategies.

From now on I have decided not to show live results, not show live trading accounts to any of the students for one reason. What happened last week, was that one of my students came to me. He was very excited that he open a live trading account, the same size that I shoot to him in one private lesson and one personal lesson.

And he actually told me that he took credit, he took a loan in order to trade the same volume as I did. I felt pretty bad about it because I never, never advise anybody to trade with a certain amount. Or to trade live trading account like I am. So basically, he just wanted to have the same trading live account as I did. And this made me feel pretty bad actually because he used money that he couldn’t afford.

From now on I have decided not to show any live results. I mean I will show you the results on the statistics of the trades but I will not show you any live trading accounts. Because some of the students take it as a piece of trading advice, as trading advice for live accounts. And I don’t want this to happen anymore.

Basically I will just show you statistics from the EURUSD EA, how the system is working. And how I select the profitable strategies out of the portfolios.

I hope everybody understands and everybody is clear with that. And one more time, I never advise you to do any trading. At the end of the day, it is your choice how much would trade if you decide to use these Top 10 Expert Advisors. If you will be trading demo or a live account and if it’s a live account – how much. Once again don’t trade money you can not afford to lose first of all. Then it is your own choice how much you will be trading. And open clear with that.

Let’s go now to the statistics of the system. In order to find the 10 Expert advisors out of the whole portfolio what I do? I go to the web site Here is my registration already. If you don’t have a registration, if you have created portfolio of strategies with EA Studio all you need to do is to register or of course with Forex Strategy Builder.

How they need to do, is to register. The registration is pretty easy.

You select your broker over here and then you go to register, enter your e-mail as well. Accept the terms and conditions nothing special there and then you go to log in. And after you log in, you go to stats. And as you can see, for history of 87 days in this account, the equity and the balance right now are the equity actually is 9955. Once again I say I didn’t touch anything for these 3 months.

Basically, this is a little bit below 0. As you can see I have a total profit of 2498 and I had total loss of 2542. Here you can see the symbol. The symbol is on EURUSD at this account because I trade it with EURUSD EA. And the Net profit, the profit factor, you can see the results:

  • every week
  • every day 
  • hourly, if you wish
  • during the day
  • which hours actually the Top 10 Expert Advisors profit
  • and which hours you are having losses
website for stats
Statistics for the Expert Advisors.

This is pretty interesting as well. And many people are following this. If they see that they’re losing for example between 1 o’clock and between 4 o’clock in the afternoon they just stop the EAs during this time and they trade only on the profitable hours. That’s another thing but a little bit more complicated it, advanced to be done, so I’m not going over there.

As you know we’re focusing on the automated systems. And how to trade fully automatically without interfering there on the market and only for the news with some of the systems. But right here we are focusing on fully automated trading.

Here are the strategies.

I will just click on Net profit because at the end of the day this is the most important. And I want the strategies to be in order, so I will see the Top 10 Expert Advisors, the Top 10 performers. For these 87 days, for these 3 months. So, as you can see this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. These are the 10 strategies that I would like to trade on my live account.

I will show you how I will take them out from here. And then I will continue once again to trade with this demo account and to follow the statistics. If 1 of these 10 strategies goes below this strategy, below the tenth one and one of these comes up obviously I will exchange them.

Simply said I want in my trading account to be trading only with the top 10 Expert Advisors.

And if there is any change I will just change it. I will replace it but at every moment I wish to trade with the top 10 Expert Advisors out of these 40 strategies. As you can see for this 3 months these top 10 strategies made me a profit of $206. Let’s just calculate it very quickly, how much exactly was the profit from the 10 strategies.

I have 15,39 + 16,47 + 16,53 + 18,41 + 18,67 + 20,47 + 20,66 + 20,94 + 26,94 + 31,64. And the total is result for the top 10 Expert Advisors is $206. And this is trading with 0.01 lot size as you can see:

Result for the top 10 Expert Advisors
Trading results from the Top performers.

Approximately said we can say this is 2000 pips. You can say that if you are trading with 0.1 lot size which is the standard for trading. Again this is not a piece of trading advice. Trade as much as you decide. And so that would be $2000 of result if you are trading the Top 10 Expert Advisors with the standard lot.

And if you’re trading with the micro lot of 0.01 that would be $200 of profit for the last 3 months. Not for the very beginners:

What is the EURUSD EA?

  • An automated strategy that executes the trades alone
  • Expert Advisor that is attached to the chart
  • If it is developed for EURUSD it should be traded on this currency pair
  • a robot that is designed to trade on EURUSD
  • a backtested strategy with a proven track record

In the next lectures in the course Expert Advisors course – Top 10 EURUSD strategies I will show you these Top 10 Expert Advisors. I will take them out from here. And I will put them in a separate account to trade the 10 strategies. From now on my job is just to follow the statistic. And of course to trade in my live account only the top 10 Expert Advisors out of these 40. Thank you for reading!

So that is the idea trading with many strategies in one trading account. It is easy to see the current top performance. This is very important because the markets are changing all the time. We can not expect to have Top 10 Expert advisors that will be trading all the time with the same parameters and show same results. That is not the reality in nowadays market.

The trader used the strategy builder EA Studio to generate the strategies. That is a professional tool that we use in EA Forex Academy, and it is developed by Forex Software LTD. This is a web-based strategy builder which helps the trader to generate strategies over the Historical data of the broker they have selected.

Thank you for reading. I hope everything is clear here. If you have questions please write me in our SUPPORT FORUM where I will answer you as soon as possible.

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