Forex Online Course: Learn how to profit in 2020

Forex online course

Forex Online Course: Learn how to profit from the professionals. Forex Online course is the most preferable way to get started on the market nowadays. Forex trading has risen as a more accessible alternative compared to stock trading. The traders enjoy a free schedule with no centralized currency market, and the world becoming more interconnected […]

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Forex Trading Course – London, NY & Tokyo: 10 FAQ

 Forex trading course London – the system you can use every morning Forex trading course London, NY, and Tokyo is one of my favorite systems! It is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy, and today, I’ll answer the top 10 frequently asked questions we receive for the Forex trading course – London, New York, […]

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Professional Forex trading course: 10 FAQ

 Professional Forex trading course – the most frequently asked questions Hello dear traders, it is Petko Aleksandrov, and in this video, I answer the FAQ for the Professional Forex trading course. Before getting into the 10 questions that I get nearly every day, I will answer questions that most traders ask themselves: How to […]

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Forex Expert Advisors – The Top 10 USDJPY strategies


Forex Expert Advisors – The Top 10 USDJPY strategies course Forex Expert Advisors recent course that we have launched is dedicated to USDJPY. My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I am the mentor in this course. What are the Forex Expert Advisors? automated strategies that could trade alone code that is attached to Meta Trader […]

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Trading screen – Forex trading course – London, NY, Tokyo trading system


. Trading screen – the importance of what the trader sees. Trading screen and its set up is the very first step a trader should take before start trading with a particular system for trading. In this article, you will learn how Petko Aleksandrov, the Head Trader and Mentor at EA Forex Academy sets up […]

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How to trade the Top Expert Advisors?

how to trade lecture

. How to trade – the lecture where you will learn how to keep trading the best EAs How to trade with the Top Expert Advisors is a free lecture from the course Ethereum trading course + 99 Expert Advisors. In this lecture you will learn hоw to manage a portfolio of EAs and how to […]

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Top 10 Expert Advisors for EURUSD – Expert Advisors course

Top 10 Expert Advisors for EURUSD

Top 10 EURUSD EA – the best way to find profitable strategies by EA Forex Academy Top 10 Expert Advisors course for the EURUSD was launched by EA Forex Academy. The trader Petko Aleksandrov has created a portfolio of strategies and traded them in one trading account. His idea was to extract the Top 10 […]

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EA Trading Strategy – Select the TOP from EA Studio

trading strategies selection

EA Trading strategy – how to start trading with proven results Trading strategies and their creation are among the hardest things for traders. No matter you are a beginner or advanced trader, trading for 1 or 10 years. The question about the Forex EA strategy is always the same. Do I have an EA trading […]

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Metatrader – intro for the new traders from Automated Forex trading + 99 Expert Advisors course

metatrader view

 Metatrader is the most common platform for Forex trading. Metatrader is free platform for trading, and that is the reason why it is used in this lecture. In this article Petko Aleksandrov, Head mentor at EA Forex Academy will demonstrate to you the basics for metatrader. This lecture is part of the course Automated […]

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Forex Trading Robot – Why Do We Need It?

Forex trading robot – the proof that a trader needs it Forex trading robot is the subject of this free lecture from EA Forex Academy. The mentor Petko Aleksandrov explains the importance of using Forex trading robot, and why the traders need it. In the lecture you will learn the benefits and the advantages using […]

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