Forex Algo Software robustness testing in 2019

 Forex Algo Software – the new tool in 21 century for algorithmic trading. Forex Algo software allows the traders to test the robustness of the strategies before actual trading. The problem with Meta Trader is that you can test the robustness of a strategy after you have it. After you have bought the Expert […]

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FSB Pro: The Ultimate Forex Strategy Course + 12 EAs


FSB Pro – the professional strategy builder for algorithmic trading FSB Pro is a software used by many professional traders in the last ten years. It allows the trader to automate strategies into Expert Advisors without any programming skills. This saves a lot of time and resources to the trader. This lecture is part of […]

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Currency trading courses: Learn the best Forex Strategies

Forex trading courses overview

 Currency trading courses – the difference between the algorithmic courses in EA Forex Academy. Currency trading courses and their difference is the thing I would like to talk about in this video because many students and traders are writing us e-mails and asking what the difference between each course is. How one is more […]

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