EURUSD Expert Advisor course: Top 10 EAs FAQ

 EURUSD Expert Advisor course is the topic of today’s FAQ session. Hello dear traders, it’s Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy. And today I will make a video and article where I will answer the 10 most frequently asked questions that I receive for the EURUSD Expert Advisor course Top 10 EURUSD strategies.   […]

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Bid ask spread – specifications in Meta Trader


 Bid ask spread specifications – make sure to understand the basics Bid ask spread is the top of this lecture from Petko Aleksandrov, Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy. The lecture is part of the Basic algorithmic trading course + 3 Robots  course. Enjoy! Hello, dear traders, we continue now with the market watch […]

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What is a Pip in Cryptocurrency Trading

What is Pip? The difference between Bitcoin pips and points What is Pip? – One of the questions I get from the students very often. Hello dear traders, my name is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy, and in this lecture, I will make it clear what is a pip and what is a point. […]

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Currency trading courses: Learn the best Forex Strategies

Forex trading courses overview

 Currency trading courses – the difference between the algorithmic courses in EA Forex Academy. Currency trading courses and their difference is the thing I would like to talk about in this video because many students and traders are writing us e-mails and asking what the difference between each course is. How one is more […]

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