Basic cryptocurrency trading course – how to place the best EAs in a separate account

basic cryptocurrency trading idea

. Basic cryptocurrency trading – the necessary steps for every trader Basic cryptocurrency trading course is actually a step to the professional algorithmic trading with cryptocurrencies. It is a course much further from the basic that could be found over the internet. In this course, the mentor Petko Aleksandrov starts with the basic cryptocurrency trading […]

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Cryptocurrency Expert Advisor – Trade with Crypto Robots

Cryptocurrency Expert Advisor Trading – Lecture from Basic Cryptocurrency Trading Course Cryptocurrency Expert Advisor trading, or Crypto Expert Advisor trading is the sweet desire for most of the traders during the last years. The volatility that came with the cryptocurrencies was unseen. The moves that the Bitcoin caused were unbelievable, and few traders succeeded in […]

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How to Create a Forex Robot without Programming in 2020


Do you want to create Forex EA without programming? Many traders get frustrated when they start looking for how to create trading robots in MT4. Do not worry, my name is Petko Aleksandrov, the Chief trader at EA Forex Academy, and in this article, I will share with you what is the easiest way to […]

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