Bitcoin trading example in 2020 with Price action trading

bitcoin trading example and price action trading

 Bitcoin trading example in an online course is a fantastic way to learn actual price action rading. Bitcoin trading example lecture. Hello, dear traders, it’s Petko Aleksandrov and in this article from  the course Price action trading course: Bitcoin and the Cryptos It really happens too quickly with the Bitcoin, it went above 10,000 […]

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Bitcoin Expert Advisor – how to trade the best one?

 Bitcoin Expert Advisors – the easiest way to trade like a professional trader Bitcoin expert advisors are what Petko Aleksandrov focuses on in this Bitcoin algorithmic trading course + 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors.  In the course, he provides 99 Bitcoin Expert Advisors, and more he updates the course every new month with a new […]

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Basic cryptocurrency trading course – how to place the best EAs in a separate account

basic cryptocurrency trading idea

. Basic cryptocurrency trading – the necessary steps for every trader Basic cryptocurrency trading course is actually a step to the professional algorithmic trading with cryptocurrencies. It is a course much further from the basic that could be found over the internet. In this course, the mentor Petko Aleksandrov starts with the basic cryptocurrency trading […]

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Cryptocurrency trading with Expert Advisors is possible

  Cryptocurrency trading with Expert Advisors – Lecture from Basic Cryptocurrency trading course Cryptocurrency trading is the sweet desire for most of the traders during the last years. The volatility that came with the cryptocurrencies was unseen. The moves that the Bitcoin caused were unbelievable, and few traders succeeded in catching them. Many people lost […]

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How to create Forex robot without programming skills in 2020


 Forex robot is what every algorithmic trader is looking for. So how to create an Expert Advisor without programming? Forex robot and how to create it without programming skills is the topic of this lecture from Mr. Aleksandrov, head trader at EA Forex Academy. Hello dear traders, it`s Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy. […]

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Learn to trade – identify the trend and have a strategy

learn to trade with the trend

 Learn to trade! – professional trading education is a must before participating on the markets Learn to trade with Petko Aleksandrov, professional trade with more than 10 years on the markets, and Head Mentor at Ea Forex Academy. Hello dear traders, my name is Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy. In this article I […]

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Bitcoin trading with 99 EAs – How to follow the results

bitcoin trading MT

 Bitcoin trading has become most popular after everyone saw that it is not one way ticket to the heaven. Bitcoin trading is suitable for nowadays market behavior because people can benefit from selling it. The Bitcoin showed that is just a currency. In this article part of the Bitcoin trading algorithmic course from Petko Aleksandrov, […]

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Forex trading software we use – Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading course

forex trading software login

 Forex trading software – algorithmic trading is much easier nowadays! Forex trading software and its features are the topics of this article. I am Petko Aleksandrov from EA Forex Academy, and  I would like to give you a little bit more information about the Expert Advisor Studio. This is the Forex trading software that […]

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Cryptocurrency trading brokers vs exchanges?

cryptocurrency trading broker buy sell

Cryptocurrency trading brokers – the best choice to trade nowadays Cryptocurrency trading brokers or exchanges? Doubt is over. The recent days proved why with the cryptocurrency trading brokers is so much better than the exchanges. Unfortunately, millions of people lost so much money in the exchanges. Anyway here are the reasons: 1. When we use […]

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