Portfolio Expert Advisors: The Best Method in Robot Trading

Robot trading is so much different nowadays than it was before! The portfolio of Expert Advisors changed the game!

The robot trading in this article is presented as Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors. This is the most innovative method in algorithmic trading. This system of trading is possible due to the great work of the developers’ team at Forex Software LTD, the creators of EA Studio and Forex Strategy Builder professional.

Our mission at EA Forex Academy is to follow what is new on the market, to test it, and implement it into an online course. This way, it can reach more people who are interested in trading, and especially Robot trading.

Below you will find a free lecture from the newest course from Petko Aleksandrov, the Head mentor at EA Forex Academy. In this lecture, he will describe his fastest method for filtering strategies into Portfolio Expert Advisors.

What is Robot trading?

Robot trading is the slang name of an Expert Advisor. This could be one or many Robots into one Expert Advisor. With simple words, this is the automated version of the trading strategy. Every strategy has its entry and exit conditions, Stop Loss, Take Profit, longer time frames filters, etc. All of these rules could be coded. And this is precisely what the Robot trading is, the code of Forex strategy.

Typically each Expert Advisor is coded on MQL4. This is possible in the Meta Editor of Meta Trader platform – the most common platform for algorithmic trading. This is where the trader can use Robot trading.

In this Trading Portfolio Expert Advisors + 100 Forex strategy course, Petko Aleksandrov will demonstrate the easiest way for a trader to use Robot trading. And not only one, but a whole portfolio of trading Robots.

The strategy builder EA Studio allows the traders to generate an unlimited number of trading strategies over the Historical data of the broker. After that, it performs a robustness test to see if the Robot trading will be stable on different market conditions.

What is new with Robot trading from 2018?

It is possible now to export whole Portfolio Robot trading Expert Advisors. This means that in one Robot, there are many different Forex strategies. This saves so much time and resources for the trader. Also, it goes behind the rule of maximum 99 Expert Advisors on Meta Trader for one account. , you can place many strategies on one chart using the Trading Portfolio Robot trading.

Why trading with Portfolio Expert?

  • better risk-diversification
  • trading, not one but many strategies algorithmically
  • less work to place each EA on a separate chart
  • easy to remove the losing strategies from the code
  • more stable profits are achievable with the Portfolio Expert

Trading with Portfolio EAs has changed the algorithmic trading, and still few people know about it. The first videos about it are recorded exactly from our trade Petko Aleksandrov:

Enjoy the lecture from the Trading Portfolio Experts course:

Dear students, I have decided to update the course just a few days after I have completed it. Because I have found one exciting solution

How to manage the Portfolio Expert Advisors after you follow their performance.

I continue now from the account where I have left the ten Portfolio Expert Advisors:

Robot trading results
100 Robot trading strategies in one account

The portfolio of Expert Advisors has been trading over here for nearly ten days. And, you can see my profit is just that 61 dollars a little bit more of a profit. But the important thing is that if you look at my statistics, I have something unique taken here and something that makes me very happy when I am using Robot trading.

If I click on net profit, I will arrange the strategies according to the net profit. So, let me click it one more time, and the profitable ones will go on the top:

statistics in fx blue
Statistics for each strategy trading on the account

Then you see here, I have the profitable strategies that made a total net profit. And, if I go down, this will be showing the strategies that made losses.

That is not a bad profit trading with Portfolio of Expert Advisors having in mind that I did not do anything manually.

Keep in mind that we’ve been Robot trading with 0.01 lot size.

And I have 26, 25, 24, 21, and if I scroll down, you will see I have negative of 19, 18, 16 15, 14. So, more positive trading here you can see as a result, but with 0.01 guys, this is 26, 25, 24 dollars. And if I were trading with 0.1 lot size, this would be 260, 250, 240 dollars.

And if I were trading with a complete lot, obviously this would be 2600, 2500, and so on.

The total net profit I’m having is $63, but this is one more time I repeat with 0.01. And if I scroll to the right, you will see so many statistics that you can have a look at. But, if you look at the pips that were made, this is total net pips of 1124.9 net pips, which for me, is a fantastic result for this short period of trading.

The thing that makes me happy with this Robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisors that I have created is this profit factor. And, you can see there is no profit factor. Simply because with these strategies, how many are day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. I can see one below 12, 13, and I have 14.

14 profitable strategies that had only winners trades and no losers

This means that all trades opened and closed on profit. Not even one single trade on a loss. And I can bet you that this is something very rare, that you will see something that you cannot find with other Expert Advisors or any Robot trading.

Such a Portfolio of Expert Advisors is unique.

And I feel even surprised when I looked at the statistics this morning. So, what is the crucial thing here also I have this net profit of a total of 63 dollars, which we said is just because we are trading with 0.01. If we were trading with more for each strategy, it would be much more. And more it is, above 1,000 pips.

There is something more important here. I see very clearly which strategies are making such a profit by their magic numbers.

What is the solution that I have found the recent days as I told you to manage your robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisors?

So, when you have already sustainable statistics, you want to trade the ones that are currently profiting. And, we want to eliminate the ones that are losing, right?

What is the thing that I have found? If I arrange the strategies according to magic numbers, what you see is that with the first robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisor trading on M1, all of the strategies open trades. From 000, 001, 002, these are all strategies, they all open trades, and you can see how many trades they opened:

Robot trading in order aranged
Arrange by Magic Number to see the performance of each Portfolio Expert?

What I see is that these two Robot trading Experts are negative at the moment, and I want to remove them.  Let’s have a look at the second one. This is the second one for the M1 chart, and you can see I have a negative, a positive one. This is one of the best ones. You can see profit factor zero.

It made 12 consecutive trades with no one loss

And, then I have a negative of 16, positive 4, negative of 19, positive, small negative, small negative, slight negative, positive, negative. This is actually from the next Portfolio Expert Advisors.

When you see the results from one Portfolio Expert Advisor in your statistic, you need to remove the ones that are making huge losses. This way you can increase your total profits. So, how can I remove these two strategies? This is the thing I will show you right now.

These are the strategies with number 2 and 4, but keep in mind this is the third and the fifth strategy from this Portfolio Expert Advisor because we said the first one is with a number ending on 0 0 0. This is the first strategy from this Robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisor, this is the second, and third, and the fourth. But anyway, to remember it, this is the ones ending on two and 4.

You can see they made the most significant loss on this Portfolio Expert Advisor, and I want to remove that.

How can I remove the losing strategy from the Portfolio of Expert Advisors?

I will go to the Expert Advisors, and this is the second Robot trading Expert Advisor from the M1 chart. I right-click, and I go to modify:

easy way to modify the robot
Path to modify the code of the Expert Advisors.

Here is the code for the strategy. You don’t need to be a vast developer to do that. I’m not a developer at all, I don’t know all of these things, but I have learned something exciting here.

If I scroll down, you will see where are the strategies. Here are they; you will recognize them easily. It says on the top – set signals, okay? And below, you will see all the strategies and their parameters. So, this is the second Expert Advisor from the M1 chart.

And what we said – let’s have a look at the statistics – we said we want to remove this one negative of 16, negative of 18. So, they are with numbers ending on 2 and 4. The same numbers you will see over here 2 and 4, okay?

These are the two strategies inside the Robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisor that are making losses at the current moment.

So how can I remove them very quickly? I type 2 times slash in front of the both of them, and they become as a comment:

Robot trading code
Two slashes stand for comment.

You see, it changed color. So, this means that the strategy is not active anymore. It’s still inside this Portfolio Expert Advisor, but it’s not active anymore. If I delete those, it will be active again.

So, the first you can see is get exit signals, alright? And the second one gets entry signals. If you want your strategy to stop entering the market, you can put the two slashes in front of this line only. I will stop opening positions. And if I leave it this way, it means that if I have open trades at the moment.

This strategy will still manage them, and it will close them. If I put two slashes here, it means that the strategy will not close the trades. Anyway, they are with Stop Loss and Take Profit one of the two levels is hit. The trade will close.

The first is to exit the signal, and the second one is to give you the new entry, all right?

So, if I put two times slash and then for the fourth strategy, I do the very same thing. And, if I move it down. If I compile now the strategy, it will save the changes, and basically, these two strategies will not take any action anymore. And I will continue trading with the rest of the strategy for this Robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisor.

So, you don’t need to drag the Portfolio Expert Advisor over the chart one more time. In your Expert stop on the Meta Trader, the Portfolio Expert Advisor will be loaded again, and it will continue the work without these two strategies.

This is an excellent solution on how to manage your trading after that with the Robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisors

How to trade with Portfolio Expert Advisors?

  • follow the statistics from the account
  • arrange them by the magic numbers
  • remove the strategies that are losing

You can see here most of them are with good profits:

Robot trading results
Net profit is the most crucial statistic at the end of the day.

This one, for example, more losses negative of 16, I can remove it from the second Portfolio Expert Advisor that is trading on M5. And this is the strategy ending on 008, okay? This is the one great method that I found recently, to remove it from the code this way.

One more thing here – I will make it as a comment. When I drag this Robot trading Expert Advisor later on back into EA Studio to recalculate it, it will be still inside. If you see that the strategy is losing what you can do is you can delete it, okay? If I delete these rows and this strategy, these strategies will be removed totally from the Portfolio Expert Advisor.

So, this is a easy method to eliminate the losing strategies from your Portfolio

And, you don’t need to have any programming skills, as I told you. I don’t have any programming skills, but it’s easy to do it. Just two slashes in front of the strategy, it’s not going to open any trades. This way, you can filter your Portfolio Expert Advisors and you will leave at the end always the ones that are profiting the most. These that are profiting currently, on the current market conditions.

Also, as you know, every month, I will provide you with new Robot trading Portfolio Expert Advisors. So you can do the same with them. It’s up to you how you will manage it. I want to give you different possibilities, different options, and methods. And you can find which one works best for you.

Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you in the next lecture.


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What is Portfolio Expert?

The Portfolio Expert is a combination of many trading strategies grouped into one single Expert Advisor. This allows the traders to diversify their risk by trading many strategies simultaneously using just one Expert Advisor

How does the Portfolio of Expert Advisors work?

The Portfolio Expert works just the same as a regular Expert Advisor. It is an MQL code that should be compiled in the Meta Trader platform. After that, the Portfolio Expert Advisor must be attached to the trading chart for the desired asset.

How to trade with Portfolio of Expert Advisors?

Trading with portfolio Experts is similar to the trading with single Expert Advisors. The only difference is that you will open many trades at the same time which is considered as hading. It is recommendable to test it on a virtual account.

How to remove strategies from the Portfolio Experts?

This is possible from the source code of the Experts. The usage of // sets the strategy as a comment and it is being disabled from the Portfolio Expert Advisor.