Portfolio Expert Advisors: how to follow the results?

Portfolio Expert Advisors: how to follow the results from so many strategies.

Portfolio Expert Advisors is the topic of that article, and I will dive into a more in-depth explanation of how it works. Hello, dear traders, it’s Petko Aleksandrov and I today I will show you some more results from the account where I have three portfolio Experts Advisors for EURGBP, EURJPY, and GBPJPY.

Portfolio Expert Advisor on MT
Trading account with 100 strategies trading.

You can see my balance is already 5,052.56 EUR. And I have currently some trades opened. This article is part of the course Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs

Today is Saturday, and the market is not open. So generally over the weekend and one time during the week, I check the account with the results that I have inside. And I will share some of the results with you.

So these are the results that are from all the strategies. Now, during the last week or 2, I have removed already some of the strategy that had already five trades and had Profit factor below 1.1. So I usually arrange the strategies according to the Profit factor.

FX blue forex
FX Blue website for statistics

And you can see below this strategy, starting with three ending in 2, all the strategies below are with Profit factor below 1.1. And actually, here I have this strategy with only profits and no losses. This is why there is no Profit factor calculated.

Practice the Portfolio Expert Advisors on a Demo account before trying a live account.

And as well the last 2. So these are strategies that are still trading in the account. Generally, during the weekends and on Wednesday, I check the accounts, and if there are strategies that already did five trades and their Profit factor fell below 1.1, I remove them from the account.

And this way, I leave the strategies that are currently in their profitable phase. And you can see already 52.56 EUR is my profit. Which is not a small profit because I’m trading with 0.01 lot size.

This is the very minimum you can trade with. This is 798.2 pips, which are not a bad result for less than one month.

Nearly 800 pips is not a bad profit at all. Of course, I trade with 0.01 because I don’t want to stimulate anybody trading with huge lots. You better start with the minimum, and one more time, you better practice the system first on a Demo account before going into the live account.

With practice, you will get used to the system.

Now let me open the MetaEditor as well. I will put it right over here, and I will try to put those on the same screen so I can better check the strategies. It takes just a couple of minutes.

portfolio expert advisors selections
Filtering the strategies in the Meta Editor

And when you’re used to it, you will do it even faster.  And, for example, I will start with EURGBP, which are the strategies beginning with 1.

One is the magic number for EURGBP. These first strategies for the EURGBP are doing just great. And their Profit factor is very high. But I don’t look at them. I look at the strategy that I want to remove.

So I start from below with the strategies that have Profit factor below 1.1, and I’m looking now for the strategy starting with 1. One strategy ending in 7, this is for EURGBP, and it has a Profit factor of 1.02 but still only four trades, not 5. So I will see what will happen with the next trade.

Probably if it is a profitable one, the Profit factor will go above 1.2. If it is a losing one, I will need to remove it because it will have already five trades, and the Profit factor will be below 1.1. And this is the criteria that I want to use.

Filter the Portfolio Expert Advisors from the strategies that have PF below 1,1 and min 5 trades.

The next one is with 004, and it had already five trades, and the Profit factor is below 1. Now let me have a look. The 4th strategy is right over here. I have already removed it.

And then I go to the next one, the 81, I need to remove it as well. Let’s see if I have deleted it, yes it is already removed. And it is then going down 02.

This one already removed. The next one is ending in 5. It is already removed. And here is the first strategy.

So the first strategy is the one ending in 0. This is how magic numbers go. So the first one is the one starting with 0.

I will not remove it because it has only three trades. The Profit factor is still not calculated because it made only losses until the moment. Three losing trades, no profits.

The two times slash.

But I stick to the system that I follow, and I will wait to see a minimum of 5 trades before I decide if I will remove it or not. And these are all the strategies from the EURGBP. So you know, I didn’t need to remove any of the strategy for the EURGBP.

And then, I will go to the portfolio Expert Advisors for the EURJPY, and these are the strategies that start with 20. This is the magic number for the EURJPY. So you can see I have the one ending in 5, makes a good profit.

And then I have the one ending in 1 as in my profitable zone with Profit factor above 1.1. And then let’s see which are the strategies that I have to remove, or I have already removed. So this one ending in 0, which is the first strategy, it has already 12 trades, and the Profit factor fell below 1.1.

So I will need to remove it. I enter two times slash, and this strategy will not open any more trades. Now I go down. The fourth one should be already removed. Yes, it is.

I remove the losing strategies from the Portfolio Expert Advisors with // in the code.

Then the one ending in 3, actually this is not the fourth one, but this is the one ending on 4. Because we said, the first one is with 00.

So 01 is the second, 02 is the third, 03 is the fourth, and 04 in the fifth. They start at 0. So it is more proper if I say the strategy that ends in 4. Because this is actually the fifth strategy. I hope it’s clear.

So the one ending in 4 and the one ending in 3 are already removed. I had removed them from the previous times when I was checking the account. And let’s see the one ending in 2.

It is removed already, as well. And then going down the one ending in 9, it still has three trades, so it is still in the account. Even if it makes more losses than profits till the moment, I will keep it until it makes five trades.

And then its strategy ending in 6, still with two trades but this strategy makes an only profit, no losses. So I will leave it. And let’s see this one which ends in 7. And it’s not removed from the account because it has only four trades.

It is all about filtering the account from the losing strategies.

And this is it for EURJPY. I had to remove only this strategy. Don’t forget to compile it. The changes will be saved in the Meta Trader, and this strategy will not apply anymore.

Only if there is opened trade, it will manage it. But no new trades will be opened. I go to GBPJPY. And let me find the strategies just a little bit higher.

Here they are. And let’s go to the GBPJPY strategies. These are the strategies that start with 3 in their magic number. The best strategy so far made 25.43 EUR of a profit.

The Profit factor is 1,272.50. Huge Profit factor because we have a very small loss of 2 cents with this strategy. Already eight trades, and it is still trading in the account — no reason to remove it so far.

Then I will go to the next one. This is the strategy that ends in 9. Already eight trades and the Profit factor is excellent, 3.84. Then the one ending in 4, already above five trades, 11.31 EUR Profit factor to 70, which is fantastic as well.

What is risk diversification when we trade with Portfolio Expert Advisors?

When trading many strategies in one account, we diversify the risk. Some of the strategies are losing, but the others compensate for these losses. If we trade just with one strategy and it starts to lose, we will be only losing. So let’s keep ongoing…

The one is ending in 5. Again we have a lot of trades here. This is the most active strategy for the moment, and it made already 23.4 EUR. And then, going down, this is the first strategy that is below 1.1 for the GBPJPY.

This strategy is already removed from the portfolio. Let’s have a look at the others. This is the next one ending in 3. Already six trades, Profit factor below 1.1.

But this strategy is well removed. And then this one ending in 1. It is removed. I can see five trades already, Profit factor of 0.28. And then we have this one over here, the last 2.

So they end in 7 and 8, still three trades for both of them and they make only profits and no losses. They are still in the trading Portfolio Expert Advisors. So from the three portfolio Experts, I had to remove only one strategy for the EURJPY.

Actually, from the overview that I just did, I saw that the most profitable strategies until the current moment are from the GBPJPY, which is very typical. But this is precisely the risk diversification. So we trade different assets with different strategies.

It’s up to you how you will manage the portfolio Expert Advisors.

When some strategies start to lose, the others compensate for the loss, but we are in a profit. So this is how I follow the results of the account. It is very easy and quick to monitor, which are the strategies that are performing with Profit factor below 1.1 and did already five trades.

This is what I follow, the Profit factor, and the count of trades. But you’re very welcome to create your own rules, how you want to follow the strategies. One more time, this system for me is beneficial.

It makes steady profits. You can see nearly 800 pips is an excellent result for me. And if you want to give it a try, you will decide how you will manage the portfolio Expert Advisors. In my course Walk-Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs, I will attach new three portfolio Expert Advisors for the GBPJPY, for the EURJPY, and EURGBP every month. So the best thing would be to leave the strategies that are still profitable and place on another account.

Use different magic numbers when placing the portfolio Expert Advisors in the same account.

Or in the same account, the new portfolio Expert Advisors that I will provide. But make sure to be with different magic numbers if you’re placing them in the same account. Anyway, you will mess up the statistic. If you put them in separate accounts, then you will not have a problem.

But this means that you will need to install another Meta Trader on your computer. So if you want to use the same account, change the magic number. The first digit or the first two or three digits so you will make sure you know which strategies open the trade and especially from which portfolio Expert Advisor.

Thank you very much for reading. This is the system I wanted to share with you. I found out that recently, trading the cross pairs works nice. Very steady profit into the account.

But make sure to follow precisely the results. One more time, I do it with the number of trades and the Profit factor. But you can use anything else, especially in FX Blue. There are so many statistics. It’s up to you how you will be using it.

Thanks for reading one more time, and I wish you to enjoy the trading.