Online Forex Course: The Smart Choice in 2020

Online Forex course – it is easy for everyone in 2020 to become a trader

Online Forex courses have emerged to equip beginners and advanced traders with vital information to make more profitable gains. Investors seeking to trade in the foreign exchange markets can find themselves losing capital fast, seeing their optimism spiral downward. Online Forex courses have been made available and accessible by Forex Academy.

Forex Academy offers algorithmic and automated online Forex courses.

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The numbers in January 2020.

The online Forex courses are based on the best strategy builders on the market by using multiple experts in a single account.

The courses also use live and interactive examples when making illustrations to the traders. Further, you get to interact with fellow traders and other students of Forex Academy in our forum.

An online Forex course has numerous yet inexhaustible benefits. The following are the overall benefits of choosing this mode of study:

  • The flexibility of time. Trades can be carried out at any time. Learning can be done at any time and place, such as in public transits.
  • Pocket-friendly option. It does not require much knowledge and skill to make profitable trades. It cuts down the cost of buying tickets and bookings to learn the craft. The transaction costs are also low since there are no commissions in real sense.
  • Accessibility of study videos. Videos of the courses being offered can be watched from any device, at any place and time. They also provide a point of reference when re-watched.
  • No background knowledge is required. The online Forex courses are comprehensive and teach the trader on how to use expert advisors without any experience in programming or previous trading.
  • Smooth evaluation of performance. Since automated forex online Forex platforms support multiple markets and sophisticated trading strategies, it is easy to monitor, account, and analyze performance. It also manages risk to ensure maximum profits and minimum losses. The strategies are also employed.

This article explores two of the 30 online Forex courses offered by Forex Academy.

It gives an intense and informative analysis of the Automated Forex trading course and a Forex trading strategies from a professional trader.

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Which Online Forex course is better?

It further brings out the differences between the two courses and the benefits you gain by enrolling in them.

Automated Forex trading course + 99 Expert Advisors

In this online Forex course, the trader is provided with 99 Expert Advisors for automated trading. For every month, 99 fresh expert advisors are updated in the course.

The significant benefit of automated Forex online trading is the elimination of psychological influences and emotions that determine analysis and trade execution.

Automated Forex trading course is a wholesome online Forex course that teaches the traders how to create Expert Advisors without any programming skills and trading experience.

The trader receives actual and ready robots for trading. The trading course is also fully algorithmic, and the trader need not manage trades manually.

Expert Advisors that are currently profiting and exhibiting the best performance are selected for the trade. Relying on a single expert advisor may not give the desired profitable gains.

Automated Forex trading courses utilize multiple expert advisors in a single account to achieve steady results. The traders are instructed about placing the expert trading advisors on the Meta Trading platform.

No previous trading experience is required, and live examples with realistic results are used to illustrate. This course targets traders at any level with a desire to gain knowledge to improve online Forex trading.

It teaches the traders how to rely on statistics and results and not merely on emotions of hope and expectations. It provides critical analysis skills of the market traders and the best moment to enter the trade. The online Forex course also teaches the use of a statistical tool to follow the results of the expert advisors.

Whos is the Mentor?

Petko, the head trader at Forex academy, will share his 10 years of experience implemented in trading strategies. He will show you the professional strategy builder EA Studio he uses to generate many expert advisors.

It is a software that tests and automates thousands of strategies in minutes. However, the software may not be essential since he provides ready expert advisors. Only if you are looking to create your own strategies and Experts.

Automated Forex trading course equips the trader with substantial knowledge about strategies, market trends, analysis of statistics by expert advisors, and how to manage live accounts when trading.

This information is undoubtedly vital if you want to receive steady profits from online Forex trading. This, in turn, boosts the confidence of the trader.

The trader receives the following with this online Forex course:

  • Fresh 99 expert advisors each month
  • Lifetime updates of the expert advisors
  • A lifetime license to the videos

30-day money-back guarantee if this trading method is not suitable for you

Although the trader is not required to have any previous skill in trading, a secure internet connection is a must.

A laptop or desktop is more recommended to use the expert advisors, and phones can be used for monitoring only. A desire to learn more about online forex trading is a prerequisite too.

This online Forex course targets beginner and advanced traders who are seeking more information on improving profits. It also targets anyone who wants to earn additional income with trading in the market as a hobby or professionally.

Forex Trading Strategies + 5 Robots included

Forex trading strategies from a professional trader teaches the best Forex trading techniques.

It is an online Forex course that explains how to trade in a single account using multiple professional expert advisors to diversify the risk. The trader gets the top five expert robots for online Forex trading strategies.

Petko, the head trader at Forex Academy, has simplified online trading by employing the strategy taught in this online Forex course. Any trader with no knowledge or experience on online Forex trading is eligible to enroll.

This online Forex course is comprehensive as it engages live examples and realistic results in teaching practical trading.

It targets traders of all levels from beginners who seek knowledge in the online Forex trade, all the way to professional traders who want to sharpen their trading skills and increase their trade profits.

The trader learns how to diversify the risk because five different Forex trading strategies are used. The strategies are used in five various currency pairs. Each strategy may be manually followed on any trading platform.

The trader can also use the five expert advisors automatically on the Meta Trader. As earlier mentioned, no programming skills are required. The trader receives expert advisors ready for trading and will be taught how to place them correctly in the Meta trader site.

The trader also receives lifetime updates, which are updated every month to trade in dynamic market trends. It is essential to keep the expert advisors aligned to the current market.

The system of using five trading strategies on different currencies on three time frames increases the trading volume in the account. Since the stock market is highly volatile, professional trading experts increase your chances of catching volatility of the market. The market conditions are two main ones: the trending periods and the sideways movements.

Three strategies are designed to follow trends, and the other two are for catching on the sideways market.

The logic of the sideways movement is to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is hiked.

This course is a result of trading and testing thousands of Forex strategies and combining robust methods hats are basic and easy to follow through.

In the online Forex course, background knowledge of Forex trading will be vital, but it is not necessary. A stable internet connection is required and a zeal to gain more understanding of online Forex trading.

Forex trading strategies target any level of the trader who wants to increase their gains. It is also for traders who wish to trade automatically

Benefits of the online courses

  • Traders learn how to create expert robots without any programming skills or trading experience
  • In both courses, traders receive ready and active expert advisors
  • The online Forex courses are taught using live examples and realistic results making learning even more practical
  • The trader gets lifetime updates of the expert advisors once enrolled. Furthermore, the fresh and new robots are received every month.

Differences in the courses

  • Content of the courses. Automated Forex trading courses primarily focus on how to use expert robots for trading. In contrast, the Forex trading strategies from a professional trader draws attention to the five strategies the trader applies in the trade. The latter teaches one how to diversify the risk and maximize profits using the five strategies, different currencies, and time frames. The multiple expert advisers are also used in one account, increasing its trading volume.
  • Type of trade. The automated Forex trading course focuses on teaching about automated trading using 99 expert robots, while Forex trading strategies equips the learner with skills to trade both automatically and manually.
  • Basic knowledge of Forex online trading. Having essential experience in Forex trading is useful, not necessary when enrolling in Forex trading strategies, whereas no previous knowledge is required for automated Forex trading courses.

In conclusion, online Forex courses are the most efficient method of learning about online Forex trading. They are cost efficient and can be leaned in a flexible time frame. They also employ different strategies to diversify the risk and maximize the profits.


Forex trading is worth your investment. With the trading courses we provide, you can be sure of making worthy fortunes.