How to trade the Top Expert Advisors?


How to trade – the lecture where you will learn how to keep trading the best EAs

How to trade with the Top Expert Advisors is a free lecture from the course Ethereum trading course + 99 Expert Advisors. In this lecture you will learn hоw to manage a portfolio of EAs and how to trade the best ones.

Petko Aleksandrov, is the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy, and he teaches thousand of students how to trade around the world with online courses. There is a simple idea that stands behind each course.

He teaches that trading should be done with many strategies in one trading account. How to trade with many strategies in one account?

This is possible with the automated Expert Advisors.

For the beginner traders, this is the strategy as automated code. It trades the strategy automatically, so even a person does not have experience and does not know how to trade, he can use the Expert Advisors.

In this course, Petko teaches the students how to trade the Ethereum. He has placed on a Demo account many strategies and follows their statistics precisely. In this lecture he demonstrates how to keep trading the best EAs.

And by BEST, he means that ones that are currently making profit.

Every strategy fails at one moment, and this is because the markets are changing. By the system you will see in this lecture, Petko always trades the strategies that are currently profiting. Enjoy the lecture!

Hello dear traders, it’s Petko Aleksandrov speaking from EA Forex Academy. I continue now from the demo account where I have placed the top 3 performance.

how to trade the etherem
Separate Demo account.

And as you can see it has made profit of $114. But actually I have changed only one time two of the Expert Advisors. This Expert Advisor ending on 792 I didn’t change it. It shows great profit till the moment and the others two I have changed it. And I will just show you in a second with the statistics.

Here are the statistics of the same account. You can see the first Expert Advisor is doing really great job. Net profit of $342, it has a very good profit factor of 213 and it has made totally 32 trades. Gross profit 645 and gross loss 303. It has 22 winners trade and 10 losers trades.

statistics for the strategies
Statistical website.

But at the end of the day this is what we care about. It’s still on the first place according to the net profit. Ant that is a a great example how a trader with no experience can trade profitable, or even having no clue how to trade.

I have replaced the other two and now actually I will need to do that again because you see that I will just put it this way. We can compare the Expert Advisors, so you see this 792 it’s still on the first place.

I don’t need to change it.

But you see the second and the third are not anymore this ending on 030. Actually, 030 is still on third place. I just didn’t see that on the first view. 030, this 42965030. It’s the same one it’s still on top 3, on third place, I will not change it. But this Expert Advisor ending on 981.

It just went on the fourth place and this Expert Advisor ending on 319 is already on second place.  I will just remove this Expert Advisor that is on the fourth place. And I will place this one ending on 319.

I will go now to the Meta Trader where are all of the Expert Advisors. That is a Demo account, where traders practice and learn how to trade.

The 99 Expert Advisors you can see many trades open at the moment.

Demo account, where people can learn how to trade
Demo account with 99 EAs.

I will go to File, Open data folder, MQL4, then I’m going to Experts and I’m looking for 42933319. And I will copy it and I’m going back to the other Meta Trader where are the top 3. Again I will go to File, Open data folder and I’m going to MQL4, I’m going to Experts and here they are. I will just paste this one here and we said that we will remove the one ending on 981. 981, so I will just delete it.

And I have the new one here but I will close it and you need to refresh the Expert Advisor.

It will force Meta Trader to compile the new one.

The other thing is that I have an open position with the one that I have removed. 981, so it is this one here. Now it is your choice if you want to close this position or leave it go. But since this Expert Advisor has not really started to lose it just went to the fourth place it has a Stop Loss and it has a Take Profit.

I am OK to leave this trade to go because it has a Stop Loss, it has a Take Profit, if you want of course you can just close it. Really not a huge importance here. The question is once again I say we trade the top 3. So even you have no idea how to trade, you can do it simply as that.

So, you just saw how I exchanged this Expert Advisor ending on 981. It’s actually this one over here and I have placed the Expert Advisor ending on 309.

What I will do now?

I will just drag it over the chart the new one I will click on yes, I click on OK and it’s already this one that we are having.

placing the EA over the chart
A massage that appears when we replace Experts.

Again I’m having the top 3 Expert Advisors. This is how it’s working you can see here something very realistic. I am just keeping the top performers, it is your choice if you want to keep the best one. As you can see this 792 Expert Advisor is making great job from the beginning you did great, great work actually.

You can trade either the best performer as I told you or you can trade top 3, top 5 it is really up to you. I advise you to start simply like with top 3, top 5. It will be easier for you to follow their performance and with the time you can actually increase the number. I leave it totally on you, just when you learn how to trade with the EAs, you will know your number.

And pretty much that’s it. I showed you the whole process, I showed you actually that you can have a very, very nice profit of $100 which I do believe it’s not small profit for fully algorithmic trading.

You see I’m not staying in front of the screen to wonder when to buy, when to sell, what to do to, to shake or to tremble, to sweat myself. Now, I’m just following the statistics, I placing the top 3 Expert Advisors and it works fine. And the other thing I would like to do right here is I will just sign out and I will register with the new account where I have placed the 3 Expert Advisors.

Let me just see what will be the result there.

I didn’t register till the moment because I wanted to show you one more time how I’m doing it. I’m looking for Pepperstone and here it is Pepperstone-Demo01 and the account is 856635. Let me just paste here the investor password. And I click on I agree the terms and conditions. I will place the email And I click on register and you see that I will have now this registration already.

results from the separate accoutn
Statistics for the account.

I’m going to statistics and you can see that I’m having currently balance of 5114 and this is for 9 days. I am having monthly return of 7%, weekly of 1.6 and profit factor average is 1.20. I do believe that $100 with 9 days, with a small trading account having $100 of a profit it’s not really a bad thing. This is something very realistic that I’m showing you here.

It’s not that I will promise you to make huge, huge profits. I never ever promise that. You will never hear me promising anything in my courses. I just want to show you some realistic trading that you can do, and learn how to trade with EA. Some system that is not really hard to follow and as you can see system that actually brings you profit on a fully automated mode.

You don’t really spend time in front of the computer. Just with couple of minutes during the day you can have profits. Just to follow the statistics and to change it. You can see here on the net profit this best Expert Advisor that I’m having 792 have made profit of $256 and I have this one actually that was in the beginning where I have placed it, then I have removed it.

So, what happened is, it made profit, it staied on the top, it made profit, I placed it.

But then it made immediately losses, so I have removed it. You see the other two are basically equal:

Trading results from the account
Results from the separate account.

It’s just one is having profits, the other one had losses. But overall I am on the profit. You will see this thing very often that one of the Expert Advisor in the beginning is showing profit. Then it starts to lose. The important thing here is to remove it. Not to leave it there to run actually losses into your account.

So the question here is to learn to manage the accounts, and not so much to learn how to trade.

Obviously from this statistic I can say that the best thing I would have done is to leave only the top performer. You can see it had made me $250 instead of having now just 114. You see this is the conclusion I can make so far even I am running it just for 9 days. But during this 9 days this Expert Advisor that is top have made more profit than the others have made.

But sometimes you will see this, sometimes you will see that two or three just will show losses.

What you need to do, is to remove them and place the other ones.

Sometimes you will see that all of these Expert Advisors that are currently making profit they will only make profit. And they will really, really show you great profit. But overall you will see average result at the end of the day and you will make the conclusion for yourself.

Here you need to find yourself, you need to find where you feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable to trade only the Expert Advisor that is on the top that is great. If you feel that you want to place 3 and just to change 1-2 from time to time as I have told you that is fine as well. You will have sometimes less result like what I’m having now.

But sometimes you will have better and better results. How to trade, and how to manage it, it will come along with the time.

It’s really up to you how you feel comfortable. I do believe that by having more than one Expert Advisor, like three or five you diversify the risk. Simply, we diversify the risk, because what could have happened is actually that I have placed the top Expert Advisor and it started losing I will have only losses into the account.

If this Expert Advisor was in the beginning on the top and I decide to place the top performer I will place it in a different account. And it will only show me losses. And I will have no other Expert Advisors to cover this losses.

This is the idea of diversification the risk.

I place more Expert Advisor in one trading account just to diversify the risk. If one, by any reason, starts to lose the other will cover the losses just what happened here. This is what I’m doing. This is how we actually succeed to make profits into the Academy. I really hope that you will succeed to manage it, you will find yourself, and learn how to trade with it.

It’s very important to find the way that fits your character, the way you want to trade:

  • are you more risky trader
  • or more conservative trader.

But take it easy, practice it on demo accounts one more time I’m saying it. And you will feel yourself comfortable at one moment to go for real trading. And I really hope that you will make profits there as well.

Let me, guys, know if you have any questions in our SUPPORT FORUM. I am always there to answer.

Take it easy, start with few Expert Advisors to separate from the 99 and see how it works for you.

It was really a pleasure recording the Ethereum trading course + 99 Algorithmic Trading Robots.  I will update it every month with new 99 Expert Advisors. You can select every month the new best Expert Advisor and to place on separate account if this works well for you then I would be very happy that I taught you how to trade.

Thank you for reading!

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packages for trading
The Packages in the academy.

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