Portfolio Summary


portfolio EA summary

When you click on Portfolio from the top main menu of EA Studio, there are two main tabs on the page: Summary and Content. Now we would like to walk you through the Summary tab.

Data source, currency pair, and period - each of these three options are presented as drop-down menus. According to your preferences, you can choose the exact data for your portfolio.

Calculate - When you need to change any of the data, simply click on this button. After that, it immediately recalculates the strategy backtest information and the portfolio statistics. It's easy to know when to use the button because it becomes orange as soon as it's necessary to run the calculation.

Progress - it shows you how many strategies are calculated at any given time.

Export - this option allows you to export all the strategies in the portfolio as a single Expert Advisor.

Balance Chart

Portfolio EA Balance chart

The Balance Chart provides you with information about the total balance of the Portfolio.

Market Info

This section presents you with the historical data used in the portfolio, its start and end date, and the spread. If you choose to use the Data Horizon settings, they will also be applied. You can find these settings in the Data section of EA Studio.

Portfolio Stats

This panel provides the traders with summarized statistics of all the strategies included in the portfolio. In addition, you can learn more about the statistics in our Report article.

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