Portfolio Expert Advisor

You can build a whole portfolio of strategies using the Portfolio tool in EA Studio. This means that with one Expert Advisor you can trade multiple Expert Advisors or trading strategies.

The best thing is that you can place the Portfolio Expert Advisor on one chart, and all the strategies inside will trade on that chart. This saves the time to place each Expert Advisor on a separate chart:

many EAs trading on one chart

You still have the option to do this in the Collection section. There are some different features in the Portfolio tool.

It allows you to download all the strategies from the portfolio in the form of one Expert Advisor. It can combine up to 100 strategies.

You can trade with all of them on a single chart (the 1st picture above). All you need to do is to apply the Expert Advisor to the appropriate chart in your Meta Trader platform.

When you are using Portfolio Expert Advisor, the trader collects the backtest statistics of the strategies and you can explore their performance altogether:

portfolio Expert Advisor statistics

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