Portfolio Content

The second tab of the Portfolio page is the 'Content tab' and it displays the portfolio strategies. It provides you with many useful options. For instance, you can sort, filter, and recalculate any strategies, or remove the ones that are correlative.


Recalculate - this button performs a full recalculation of the backtest and portfolio statistics for the existing strategies according to the chosen data.

Progress - it shows the current percentage of recalculated strategies.

Download - when you click on this button, you are able to export a file with the strategies in the portfolio. In case you want to download a Portfolio Expert Advisor, then go to the Summary tab.

Upload - this option allows you to upload strategies to the Portfolio.
Remove all - you can use this option to delete all the strategies in the Portfolio.

Sorting and Filtering

The sorting and filtering features of the Portfolio page function exactly as the ones on the Collection page.

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