OOS Monitor Testing

OOS (Out of Sample)

During a strategy backtest, it is highly advisable to pick a specific time period from the data feed and keep it for testing at a later stage. The EA Studio provides you with this exact advantageous feature.

When you generate, test, and optimize a strategy over a certain historical data, we call this data IS (In Sample). The other term we use for it is Training data.

The OOS (Out of Sample) data or Trading data is a part of the historical data that you reserve.

It has a significant role when you estimate the success of a strategy because you test it over data that is not part of its initial optimization.

Since the OOS data hasn't impacted the creation of the strategy, it serves as a forecast tool. In other words, it facilitates the traders to see their strategy's performance on new data.

The program shows the OOS results in light green color.

oos monitor testing


There is a drop-down menu from which you can choose what percentage of the data to use for OOS Monitor testing.

OOS Stats Review

Next, we have the Review section of the OOS Monitor tab. It gives you a summarized version of the In sample and the Out of Sample backtest of your strategy.

oos monitor testing review

Full Stats

The last panel of the OOS Monitor Testing is the Full Stats. Is displays thorough information regarding the Complete backtest of the strategy.

In addition, it represents separate statistics for the In Sample and the Out of Sample parts.

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