Data Statistics


The Data Statistics page displays all the files that you have uploaded in EA Studio. Have in mind that if you store too many files there, this reduces the efficiency of the program.

For that reason, it's advisable to use the "Release data" button so that you delete the unnecessary files.


Loaded files

This panel lists the loaded data files. After you click on a given file, the EA Studio shows you its details.

Market info

The Market info panel provides you with information that is specific to your broker. For example, the type currency pair, the spread, and the start and end date. All this goes into the data file and it loads along with the data series.


The EA Studio assesses the quality of the data files by calculating various parameters. Then, it displays a table with the results which are beneficial to the traders.

One of the most important statistics to monitor is the Maximum dayus off. If it shows a big number that would mean that there are gaps in the Historical data.

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