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    Hey guys!

    How is everyone doing in the crypto fall? I wish I had bigger leverage or a bigger account. That ESMA thing with 2% is making me mad!

    I would have made so much more with bigger leverage.

    Just to share with you my trading. I sold at the break of 7500 and then at 5700:

    And I used Petko’s system to take the profit with the Fibs.


    Also, I used his Never losing Formula around 6 times, but actually it was never needed to use it because the price was hitting $200 so fast…


    Yes, EA Forex Academy is not just a website, it is a platform – there are courses, software, forum, posts. I do not find anything missing.

    Oh, one thing, I still think a page with trusted and recommended brokers will be useful. I know Petko does not recommend because he is not connected to any broker, but I am sure this will save many from the scammers…


    This is just brilliant. EA Forex Academy has helped me a lot to know about money management, leverage in stocks trading and many other essential things that a beginner trader should be familiar with. Great work Petko and team! Personally as a newbie at this, your platform has helped me to grow a great deal. For that I’m highly grateful!


    I prefer to use High leverage in stock trading and Forex, I really like it, but the thing is to keep smart money management…if you risk no more than 2% of your account you will be fine trading any leverage.



    yes, you are correct. Many people lose because there is leverage is stock trading and the risk is huge.

    I am surprised that more than 70% of the people actually lose.

    What Leverage in stocks trading do you personally use?


    Hello Thapelo,

    you are actually correct! The leverage in stocks trading gives the opportunity to the people to trade more stocks from what they can afford. Many accept it as very risky because they do not know how to use the leverage really. This is the problem. Many beginners blow their accounts because they take a too huge risk. Probably around 70% of the people lose all their money in the account within the first 1 month.

    Now if 70% of the people lose quickly and they start to talk that it is risky, and leverage in stocks trading or in Forex trading will blow your account. Yes, this is what the mass of people will talk, write in forums, complain in social media and this what everyone else will hear.


    Hey Haliffa,

    you are quite correct about what you say for the casinos but this is how it is. Probably the thing is that the people go to the casino with the clear mind that they will lose or have a very small chance to win. Which the scammy brokers promise things to the clients that can not become reality. Do you understand what I mean? The casion does not tell you: Welcome you will win 90% of the time. But the scam broker says that over the phone…

    So it is not about which one is riskier, it is about who misleads the people more.


    I just do not get it why one would trade without leverage in stocks trading? The leverage is what gives us the chance to profit more. Of course if you do not have any experience and education on stocks market, you can just buy some stocks and wait for months and years the price to go up…does it worth to lock money like that? Not sure.

    the leverage in stocks trading allows us to use Expert as well. And who else is doing that 😉


    Admin bar avatarHaliffa

    Hey Andi, I think people lose their money is not just because of the leverage but more because of lack of knowledge and education.

    I do not think anybody taking a course from Petko has blown an account. If he did, I am pretty sure one did not follow what Petko says and suggests.

    I really like having leverage because I trade relatively huge positions with a small risk. It is just fantastic.

    Also, I wonder how come the casions are so popular in most countries and there are no limitations in that, and at the same time, there are so many restrictions with the Forex.

    And when you are in the casino you do not have real chances…

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    I believe the trading will get back to normal as the old days where you could trade only 1:1 stocks. I see that many brokers offer now stocks trading. I guess this way the people will lose less.

    Sisi, keep in mind that here we know what to do but the mass of people don’t and they lose their account so quickly because of the leverage.


    Hello Sisi,

    most of the brokers reduced the leverage. I guess they are just afraid not to lose as in 2017. This was the time where few brokers nearly bankrupted. Everyone was buying the Bitcoin, and the brokers were losing. Of course, after that, they recovered all the losses very quickly… Probably you would find some not regulated platforms with bigger leverage but I do not suggest you use those.

    Sharapova Sisi

    Hello all,

    anyone trading the Bitcoin somewhere with bigger leverage? I wish I had a bigger one during the last days.


    Hello Kiromasterbitcoin,

    Yes, it is possible to download the collection, and I am pretty sure I show that in nearly all of my courses. Anyway, if you run the Reactor daily, you will build your collection of collections very quickly 🙂


    Hey Kiro,

    how you have missed that 🙂

    I have a huge folder with many folders inside for all the assets and time frames I trade. Now I separate the collections according to the different acceptance criteria, Stop Loss and Take Profit ranges, etc


    Petko, I am using EA Studio for many months now, and just now I realize that I can save my collections. I am really pissed off with myself! I run reactors daily to get new strategies instead of reevaluating the collections…

    Thanks for mentioning that!

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