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    Jay-r Yuzon

    Thanks for elaborating on the logic Petko.

    For the Monte Carlo, I did notice in your courses that you use it frequently.

    And yes, I’m looking forward to your updates on the Normalizer.



    Hey Jay-R,

    I will do my best to record those updates tomorrow.

    And yes, I use the Monte Carlo all the time. It is the strongest robustness tool for me.


    Hi Petko,

    I’ve been using Monte Carlo and I also think it’s a very nice robustness tool. Are the updates you spoke about ready yet?


    Hey Stephen,

    Glad to hear from you. Yes, it is recorded, just the team is editing it.

    Tomorrow it will be uploaded on YouTube, and I will inform you in the EA Studio Updates topic.


    Hi everyone. I see the term Acceptance criteria is a vast combination of features. When choosing the Acceptance criteria, how do you know what and what not to combine for you to get the expected outcome?


    Hey John,

    The best practice is to start with wide acceptance criteria. For example, use just Min count of trades 300 and a profit factor of 1.2.

    Or you can use just consecutive losses in Forex which means that the strategies you want to trade must not have more than 7 consecutive losses, for example.

    When you get many strategies in the collection, like over 100, you can add some more criteria

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Something I wanted to share. Actually Petko said that long ago but I did not realize it. Now I see it is 100% true.

    The more count of trades the strategy has, the Monte Carlo passes with more validated tests. This means that we have more robust strategies.

    So basically the most important Acceptance criteria is a profitable strategy with many count of trades. With some currencies and time frames I get over 1000 without a problem, and with other 500 is the level. But at the end of the day, I get better strategies for any asset.



    Yes, Andi!

    Simply with the strategies with more count of trades the entry conditions happened many times in the past. This is what makes them robust.


    My Acceptance Criteria

    Balance line Stability 85 and minimum count of trades

    It always gives me R-squared greater than 90 and very good profit factor.

    It is a new update I believe, you should all give it a try.

    By the way, this is my first post, you all have been helpful here. I will try to share one of my results.


    Admin bar avatarjenialyinvest

    sodekeaugustine3 do you use out of sample…and any robustness tests?


    I use full data optimization and Monte Carlo validation(robustness test) in the reactor.

    I use OOS Monitor for the Out of sample.

    Balance Stability is a performance metric develop to be as a combination of R-Squared, correlation and better scaling for a strategy

    Eastudio guide, under acceptable criteria

    Admin bar avatarjenialyinvest

    Is the oos monitor truly out of sample? Or us it just showing in sample?? Not sure how it works?


    Yes jenialyinvest

    I do use 30% OOS for my full data optimization but the green part won’t show in the collection, so I have to check OOS Monitor for the OOS.

    This way it is the same out of sample you are talking about.



    I just check well,it isn’t the same thing, that is why I used 30% OOS in my full data optimization settings.

    What the OOS MOnitor does is that ,it divides the result into 3parts: in sample,out sample and complete backtest in respective of whether you use OOS in your reactor or not.


    Great discussion here, guys. Keep up the good work!

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