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    Bart Meijrink

    Recently I stopped using the Forex VPS because I realised from one of Petko methods that I do not need it.

    He teaches in the 99 EAs Ethereum course that we can test 1 month in few seconds with EA Studio, and actually we can test any period.

    So what I do recently:

    1. Generate strategies and keep the collection in a folder

    2. I do this every week for different assets and timeframes

    3. After 3 months I recalculate the collection and see which strategies keep performing well

    So every week now, I recalculate a collection and I create a new one which I recalculate after 3 months.

    So I just put on my lie account the EAs that perform best after the recalculation

    No contabo VPS anymore 🙂


    Hello Gianluca,

    I do not really understand what means “i buyed two NOBREAK”.

    If your computer was off, the only logical reason is that the SL or the TP were hit.

    Please, send me some screenshots from your account History so I can see better.



    Hi Petko, hi Traders. I have, or better, we have a big problem. I’m beginning to trade without the VPS.i buyed two NOBREAK. One for the pc, and one for the internet connetion. And all is good. But, sundey, i did the windows ten update. And the pc was off and then on. When it turned on, i saw that many trades was closed. Why? And how to do for not to happen that? Thanks


    Hey Gianluca,

    Well, I am not really a specialist on it, I mean I have someone to consult with, but I guess I can give you an idea if I share with you what PCs we use at the moment:

    Now, I think you will do fine with i5 and 8GB, and you do not need a special video card.

    I remember for MT the most important is the RAM, so if you can afford more is better.


    Hi Petko. You said that you don’t use Vps any more, since you moved all the trading to your local computers. All rights. I have a lot of yuor EAs, to put in demo account. I tried to do it, but, when i opened 45 EAs charts, my old pc stoped to work. Sure, i must buy a new pc for trading. But i don’t know what kind of pc to buy. I wouldn’t do a mistaque. What pc must i buy, to trade with 3 mt4? 2 demo and 1 live. Thanks.

    Admin bar avatarSimon

    Thanks Petko,

    Haha yes, I keep my machine running in the attic, where my little one can’t reach. Yet!


    Hey Petko. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be sure to check Contabo out. Does the platform use the regular payment platforms such as PayPal, Skrill, etc?


    Hello Simon,

    well, personally I do not have such issues except my baby boy walking around and pulling out some cables 🙂

    But you are right, if there are power-cuts all the time, this might affect the trading.

    Yes, most of the machines where I do trading, I use them to generate new strategies. Actually I would be starting today with the updates of the courses.

    Admin bar avatarSimon

    Running everything on computers at home, would power-cuts be something to think about, potentially disconnecting trades for hours? Or fire risk, leaving the machine on all the time?

    Would you use the same machine for generating strategies as you would for running demo and live MetaTraders?


    Hello Forexmania,

    Before I was using Contabo. I do not use it any more since we moved all the trading to our local computers.

    The good thing with Contabo VPS is that it is not from a broker. I mean, I would not trust a broker for a VPS for sure.



    Hi Petko. I also tried AnyDesk and it works beautifully! But I’m starting to feel like I should explore other tools just in case the need to use them arises. I know you don’t make recommendations but what VPS do you personally use? At least I’d trust the one that you’ve practically used and approved.


    Hey Petko,

    I started using as well as AnyDesk. It is an interesting program and it is very useful for me. Thanks for sharing it in the Forum


    But you can actually leave your computer running at home with the MetaTrader and connect it from your laptop as you travel.

    You can use TeamViewer or programs like AnyDesk.

    Actually recently I use more AnyDesk to monitor the Forex platforms and change anything if needed with the Experts.

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Hey Travis,

    I think the same. The thing is when people travel, it is good to have access to the EAs, not just to monitor them. I have many MetaTraders installed as well but recently I keep the 2 live accounts on a VPS so when I travel I have access to Experts.


    Travis Nose

    I have 4 MetaTraders on my desktop and they work fine. I do not see the need for having VPS and spending extra cash on that.

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