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    Hey Simon,

    I think what you are looking for is not possible. You the Generator to find the indicators for the Higher time frames, right?

    The Generator works only on the current time frame that you have selected, and in this case, this is your lower time frame.

    So the best thing you can do is to set the higher time frames as filters, and then run the generator to find some more rules.

    You can Lock as well some indicators that you want to have by default.

    Simon Chong

    Hi Petko,

    My lower time frame is ready but I want the system to generate a higher time frame indicator without touching my lower time frame indicator. What would you suggest?


    Hello Simon,

    the higher time frames are available only in FSB Pro.

    I show it in details in the courses:

    Forex strategy course – Portfolio trading strategies + 12 Expert Advisors

    Algorithmic day trading – Top 10 USDJPY Expert Advisors

    Did you watch these courses? Basically, you select which will be your major time frame.

    Let’s say you want to trade on M5:

    This is where is your main time frame. Where the EA will execute the trades.

    After that, you select the indicators that you want to use on the higher time frames. Let’s say you want to use MACD on M30:

    From the drop-down menu you can select which time frame you want to use as a filter.


    Simon Chong

    Hi Petko,

    How do I use a higher time frame to put it as the filter to my lower time frame? Meanwhile, I don’t understand how to create”or” and “and” logic in the opening and closing logic condition. Appreciate it if you could help to answer this.

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