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    Hello traders!

    I have updated the Top 5 Forex Strategies course.

    I changed some of the parameters in the  USDJPY strategy and the EURGBP strategy.

    You can find the changes in the PDF files that are attached.

    Also, the new EAs are uploaded.

    Safe trading!

    Petko A

    PS: One of our students posted in the forum her results from the last few weeks trading with these EAs:

    However, she took a significant risk because trading with one lot on a 3k account is risky. But as they say, “The bigger the risk is, the bigger the profits are!”

    Anyway, I would suggest trading with 0.3 lots on such an account.


    Petko A


    Hey Traders,

    I have updated all the courses that I update every month with new EAs.

    More, I have updated some of the other courses:

    Forex Algorithmic Trading Course – Top 10 GBPUSD Expert Advisors

    (10 new GBPUSD EAs are added to the course)


    Basic Algorithmic Trading Course + 3 Robots

    Just the GBPJPY strategy was updated. The other two keep performing well for such a long time now…


    Algo Trading Course – Top 10 AUDUSD Expert Advisors

    (10 new AUDUSD EAs are added to the course)


    MetaTrader 4 Forex Platform: Start Trading with a Pro

    (3 new EAs were added to the course)


    Top 5 Gold Expert Advisors in 2020 + 10 EAs Included

    (10 new GOLD EAs are added to the course)


    Forex Money Management Strategy in 2020: Top 10 NZDUSD EAs

    (10 new NZDUSD EAs are added to the course)


    Dow Jones Expert Advisor + 10 Robots

    (10 new DOW EAs are added to the course)


    Ethereum Trading Robot – Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula

    (The Robot was updated, but the TP remains the same)



    Hello traders,

    I have updated the Algorithmic Trading Strategies in 2020 + USDCAD EAs course with new 10 USDCAD EAs.

    They were tested in the same way I show in the course, but I would suggest you try them on a Demo account first.

    Have a great Sunday!

    Petko A


    Hey Traders,

    I have uploaded all of the October Expert Advisors in the courses that I update every month.

    Have a look at them and make sure to test the EAs on Demo.

    If you have your top performers from September trading successfully, you can keep trading with them until they get into a losing phase.

    You will find the new EAs at the same lectures.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Dear traders,

    I hope you are doing great. The last month was one of the hardest for the traders. A lot of news, unexpected movements, and difficulties for all traders and investors.

    I have updated a few of the EAs in the Forex Trading Strategies from a Professional Trader + Top 5 Professional EA and I have uploaded the updates for October. Also, you will find the changes for the strategies in the PDFs attached to the strategy Set Up lectures.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Dear Students,


    The weekly EAs for the course  -MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading course + Weekly Robots, have been uploaded and are available to download.

    Safe trading,


    Admin bar avatarcasanogues


    Hello, good afternoon Llan, I am following the steps as you mentioned in the MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading + Weekly Robots Course, and I do not know how to configure the excel to export the data from FXblue, so that it is understandable, because the following appears to me file, you will tell me.

    Best regards.


    Magic #/Comment,”Trades”,”Gross profit”,”Gross loss”,”Net profit”,”% change”,”Opening balance”,”Closing balance”,”Profit factor”,”Winners”,”Winner%”,”Losers”,”Loser%”,”Avg win”,”Avg loss”,”Avg trade”,”Best trade”,”Worst trade”,”Longest (hours)”,”Shortest (hours)”,”Average length (hours)”,”Total win pips”,”Total loss pips”,”Net pips”,”Pip profit factor”,”Avg win pips”,”Avg loss pips”,”Avg pips per trade”,”Lots traded”,”Avg lots”,”Average winner length (hours)”,”Average loser length (hours)”,”Consec winners”,”Consec losses”,”Consec profit”,”Consec loss”,”Consec win pips”,”Consec loss pips”


    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Hi Casanogues,


    Are you using the Download button, as per the image below?

    If you are, it would seem the file is being opened by a program other than Excel, or similar. Perhaps Notepad, or another text editor?

    If you could take some screenshots and post them here, it may give me a better idea as to what is happening.




    Adam Etheridge

    If you just need the magic number you can just highlight the text and copy/paste (works in Safari at least!)… saves having to download the excel file etc

    Admin bar avatarladytrader2007

    Hello Ilan & Petko,

    Are there any new EAs for GOLD for October? I could only find the September version. Is it still valid? Thx, Consuela

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Hi Consuela,

    If you don’t see new EAs for any of the courses, it means the EAs are still performing well, and don’t need to be updated.

    As always, test them on a demo account before placing them onto a live account.



    Admin bar avatarladytrader2007

    Got it! Thank you, Ilan

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    You’re welcome 🙂

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