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    Hello Mahertom,

    Regarding the Portfolio GBP EA, if you complete the course you will learn how you can remove the poor strategies. It is very easy.

    Regarding the USDJPY, I wouldn’t update if the parameters weren’t better.


    Hello Petko a pleasure to greet you my name is Carlos I write you from Spain (Canary Islands) thank you for sharing your knowledge, I wanted to tell you that the last course I have seen is that of the five strategies that you share through manual trading and EAs, I have tried them with the experts in my broker and the only one that has an acceptable backtest is the EURUSD the 1M and 5M I have not been able to test them , if you don’t have enough historical I imagine,well I wanted to tell you if you have some place where you share the different criteria settings for the search for strategies? yesterday I tried for the US30 as you explain in the course and I did not get results, I miss it would also be good if you had or shared the different configurations that you make to look for the strategies, well I just bought the mega pack and I have a lot to do, although as a good Spanish I do not have a mastery of English to follow the courses without dubbing or subtitles to Spanish I am seeing mainly those that have subtitles , well a pleasure to say hello and I will tell you about the evolution thanks for your attention.

    Admin bar avatarElmer Andrade

    Hola @Carlos Acosta Diaz

    Te saluda Elmer y quiero comentarte que tenemos un hilo en Español donde puedes compartir tus comentarios y consultas.

    Lo dejo por acá y no dudes en comunicarte conmigo y tendrás todo mi apoyo en el proceso:

    Foro en Español


    Elmer Andrade | Mentor en Español



    Hello traders,

    I hope everyone is doing great!

    Today I have uploaded the new EAs for May in the courses.

    Always test on a Demo account first.


    Petko A

    Admin bar avatarilan

    Hi Petko,


    Thanks very much for updating the EAs. Could you please check the EAs for “Top 10 USDCAD EAs in 2020: Algorithmic trading strategies”, as they appear to still be from Feb.


    Thank you,




    Hey Ilan,

    the USDCAD course is not being updated every month.

    I update it just when it is needed.


    Admin bar avatarilan

    Thanks Petko, appreciated as always


    Cheers, Ilan! Let me know if there is anything else.



    Hello traders!

    This is Petko Alexandrov, and I hope everyone is doing great.

    Today I have updated the Top 5 EAs course. Just the EURGBP strategy needed small optimization with the SL and the TP. The rest perform great, especially in the last few days.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


    Petko A


    Also, all the courses which I update with new EAs monthly are updated.

    You can find the EAs in the relative lectures.

    Safe trading, and always practice on a Demo account first.



    Hello Bitcoin traders!

    I hope everyone is doing great!

    Today we have updated the Bitcoin trading course: Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula:

    – Increased volume

    – zoomed videos at the most important moments

    – quiz to test your knowledge for the strategy

    – assignment to help you practice the setup

    – STRATEGY UPDATE and recent examples from May 2020

    I believe all of that will bring you a better trading experience and you will improve your results.

    Safe trading!

    Petko A

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