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    George Lane

    Thank you, Cone D

    I will have a look at this Bitcoin Algorithmic trading course and trade with these Bitcoin Expert Advisors that Petko Aleksandrov provides to us.


    Hello traders,

    I have updated one of the strategies in the Top 10 USDCAD course.

    It is the strategy:

    MT4 – EA Studio USDCAD M15 34972503

    MT5 – EA Studio USDCAD M15 34973241

    A little bit of a change in the parameters was needed. The rest are doing great since November.

    Oh, did you see the Frontpage? This course is free now ūüôā


    Hello Petko. I buyed the usdjpy course.  The eas are not with the time frames. Which time frame must i trade the eaS? Thanks


    Hello Gianluca!

    What do you mean by the EAs are not with the timeframes? When you watch the course you will see that the timeframes for the EAs are M5 and M15.

    The time frames are within the Magic numbers of the EAs.

    Let me know if you found it.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Hello traders,

    I am sorry for having the updates late this month, but as you may know, we are moving the website to faster hosting.

    Now, I start uploading the updates, and I will let you know when they are ready.



    The new Expert Advisors for March are updated.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Hey Petko!

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    I love your trading style and I succeeded in taking quick profits the last days with the Bitcoin.

    I am just placing the new EAs from you for the new week!

    Thanks for your work!


    Hello traders!

    I have just uploaded the brand new Top 5 Forex Strategies Course:

    The old course was the first one I have ever recorded. It was back in 2017. Since this time, I recorded 30 courses, and I wanted to go back to my first course and give my best for it.

    And now, the 5 strategies included in this brand new course are the best strategies from all my other courses! Of course, I included the Experts/Robots again!

    Also, the new course is a result of your feedback to me! Thank you!

    I took into consideration every single review and feedback, and I did my best to improve the learning experience for you.

    I succeeded to improve the course in several ways:

    • I have included new strategies with more explanations
    • You will learn how to trade the strategies manually and with Robots
    • You will receive PDFs and resource files in most of the lectures
    • I included an introduction section for the beginner traders
    • You will see how I have created the strategies

    The new course is with much more professional audio, camera, and lights. I wanted to make sure that I will bring a much higher quality in my course. So I did it!

    If you already have the course, I would suggest you watch it again! You can watch the new course for free because you have a lifetime license.

    You will see which are the new strategies that I included!

    Or if you have started the course and you are somewhere in the middle, you better start from the beginning. Sorry about that, but I am sure you will have a better experience. ūüôā

    See you inside the class!

    Petko A


    Hi Petko

    I am sorry about my newbie question. Where can I find the EA updates. I have some courses bought but the EAs attached are the originals. For example the ¬†USDCAD course the EA’s version is from Fev 2019. You say that there is a new updte in a message above.






    Hello Evandro,

    I update every month half of the courses. These are the courses with the 100 strategies inside, the Top 10 EURUSD course, and the Walk forward course.

    All the rest I update every 2-3 months whenever it is needed.



    Thanks Petko. Where can I find the updates ?  Are the updates posted in the courses or should I download them from another place?


    Yes, the updates are always attached as resources on the same lecture where you saw the initial EAs.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A

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