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    Did you update the oct month robots

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Hey Suraj,


    We are completing the course now, and expect to release it early next week. As soon as we do, I’ll make the announcement right here in this forum topic, so keep a lookout.





    Hi Ilan,


    Excited to know about the weekly bundle, when do you expect to release it?


    Are you also using JFD?





    Hey Vilntus,

    Do you mean the Portfolio EA for EURUSD from the course?

    The only reason might be that you have enabled the AutoTrading after placing the EA on the chart.

    Just remove the EAs from the charts. Enable the AutoTrading again, and place the 3 Portfolio EAs again on the chart. No problem if there are opened trades, the Magic numbers recognize the trades.

    Also, check if you see any errors in the Journal or the Experts tab below the Terminal.


    With the latest course that offers the most profitable 30 EAs from the previous month, the EURUSD EA has not placed any trades.  I have removed it and started over, but this is still happening – were there issues with this EA?

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Dear traders,

    We will soon be releasing a new Course with WEEKLY Balanced EA bundle. These will be the EAs that I personally trade with, and are comprised of all the EAs in the Forex Bundle, and selecting the best performing EAs from the last week as well as the month, balanced in such a way that no asset is over traded, thereby managing the risks. Currently, the EAs that I have been using and updating weekly for almost a month, are at a profit level of about 23%, with another 3 days of trading to go before final results for a full month of trading are reached. You will soon find these EAs in the Course when we launch it on our site.


    If you have any questions, please let us know.


    Ilan V and the EA Forex Academy team.


    Hello Jankrafka,

    Running 99 EAs on the MetaTrader is not a problem. That is the maximum number, and it does not cause you problems. You can run it on your computer or any VPS with minimal characteristics. You can check out Contabo, they had some cheap options that are enough for running a few MetaTrader platforms simultaniously.


    hello, about the “Automated Forex Trading Course + 99 EAs” I would like to run the EAs on a VPS… but I do not think any VPS service is capable of handling so many EAs at the same time. Are there any options that you may recommend to not have the 99 EAs run in my local computer? thank you.


    Hello traders!

    I have updated all the Robots for September.

    For the traders that already have the bundles, I have some great news!

    We are adding new 40 EAs for EURUSD that we will be updating every new month.

    I will let you know when these are added, but it will be by the end of the week.



    Hey Jos,

    Not necessarily. I use them on a variety of brokers and they work fine. They are not optimized for a specific broker.

    It is more important to find a broker with small spreads and commissions.


    Hi Petko,

    A question about the Robots, do we have to use them on a specific platform and a specific broker?


    Admin bar avatarHaliffa

    Thanks, Petko!

    The robots are better than ever this month!


    Hello Gilbert!

    Glad to hear from you. As you said, it depends on many things.

    The only way to see some real expectation is if you put all the EAs that you will be using in the collection in EA Studio and add them to the portfolio.

    There you can see combined statistics like DD, Profit Factor, etc.

    If you have the bundles, make sure to combine the EAs in such a way, so you have equal exposure on the different assets.

    Admin bar avatarGilbert

    What you think about how big can be DD, if I trade with 50 Forex EA-s
    on 10k account, lot 0,10?
    Yes, it is depend a lot of different things, also we have in few hours
    nice USD news, but what I can expect for average?

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