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    Hey Pete,

    this is what everyone is looking for – fully automated trading. Now many decide to interfere the EAs after they see some negative results when there are hot economic news.

    I receive this question so many times: Should we pause the EAs on the news? And to be honest with you, so far I can not provide 100% answer to that.

    On one side is the fact that we can limit a bit the risk(but in the same time we can miss profits)

    On the other side is exactly what you say, we generate the EAs over all the data, so they should work during the news.

    I keep on looking the right answer, but probably it won’t come.


    I learned not to look at the news when I do algorithmic trading. For what?

    When we generate EAs we use the whole Historical data, we do not eliminate the news. So you should not bother at all with this.

    As well if the EAs are not created for trading session, we should just trade them 24 hours from Monday to Friday


    Yes, you are right. We should not pause the EAs before the Red Hot news when we do trading session with Expert Advisors.

    Actually the most important for me is that when we generate the EAs we put the whole trading session and we ignore the news. As Thetrader says they do not repeat daily, and we can not implement that in the Historical data.

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    I would not have in mind the news if I am using the trading session hours. As you said the interval will be too small.


    Petko, if you have red hot news, do you pause the EAs when trading with Expert Advisors during the trading sessions?

    It will become very small interval, and also it will be hard to generate EAs, right? They do not repeat daily…


    Hey Gilad,

    Glad to hear that. I supposed it was something similar because I have tested the trading session hours and EA Studio so much so far, and no such issues are there.

    Anyway, it is software, there could be always some bug, if you notice something let us know so we can report it.

    Have a great weekend!

    Petko A


    Hi Petko,

    I believe I found the problem :

    My broker time zone is 2 hours later than GMT, so I needed to adjust the time zone by adding 7200 seconds

    For the US session pairs I wrote to close the trade at second 86,400 , which is 12:00 am , which is invalid.

    I changed it to 86,000 and it is working now

    Thanks 🙂


    Hello Gilad,

    Can you please send me the collection. I see that this is portfolio Expert and in order to see its content of strategies I will need to have the collection of strategies. Also, please tell me the exact hours you have placed in your trading session.

    Go to Portfolio, than click on Content and then you will see the Download icon:

    Download Portfolio Expert Content


    Yes, we will review it and come back to you!


    Hi Petko,

    I sent it to info@eaforexacademy.com



    Hello Seotrader,

    can you please send this EA to the mail, so we can have a look at it. It is hard to say this way from just one picture.


    I have tried that and it worked well for me. I did it for the NY trading session with the USDCAD and with the EURUSD.


    Hi Petko,

    you have marked the boxes before generating the EAs right?


    you kept the same settings while exporting the EAs?


    do you see in the journal of the EAs in EA studio that the trades are out at the close of the trading session?

    No , when the session day ends, some trades stay open although in the code I have “const bool sessionCloseAtSessionClose = true;”




    Keep in mind that these are the major settings for the EA Studio. So it will affect all EAs that you are exporting.

    So you you have marked the boxes before generating the EAs right? Also, you kept the same settings while exporting the EAs?

    Also, do you see in the journal of the EAs in EA studio that the trades are out at the close of the trading session?

    Admin bar avatarHaliffa

    From what I see, your trades must close at 16:30 from Monday to Thursday and on Friday trading session they should be closed at 13:15. May be you are missing something else.

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