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    Admin bar avatarDesi

    Hello dear students,

    we have improved the videos from the Top 5 Gold Expert Advisors in 2020 + 10 EAs Included course. The videos are zoomed and with higher sound. We continue working on improvements and updates for all of our courses and videos.



    Could you please, refresh the page and let me know?

    I have created brand new EAs this time.

    Admin bar avatarIlan

    Hi Petko,


    Where are the new EAs? I have checked the resource file, and it’s still the EAs created in November. Have you just modified some of the settings in the existing EAs?





    Hello Daniel,

    you can trade many EAs in one account. Each EA should be attached to a separate chart. You will learn how to do it in the course.

    The Resource files in all my courses are just below the video in the lecture where I show how the EAs should be attached to the charts:

    Daniel Nixon



    Thank you for answering my question. Where do I find the EAs that are attached to the course as resource files?  What page are these resources posted on? Where on the screen do i see these “resources link” or download option?



    Daniel Nixon

    Thank you Petko. Your a great help.


    Now, can i have multiple robots from other providers and your posted EA’s  all running at the same time?  Does that data cause conflicts in the trades or with each other?




    Hello Daniel,

    Welcome to the Forum. Yes, the EAs are attached to the course as resource files, and you can download and test them.

    Actually, just yesterday I have updated the course with 10 brand new EAs.


    Daniel Nixon


    Course titled  “Top 5 Gold Expert Advisors in 2020 + 10 EAs included”  Does this mean that  10 EA’s are included in the purchase to be able to be downloaded?


    IF so, where do we get these EA’s?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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