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    Hi Petko. In this case, what are the minimum computer specifications that you would refer to as fast? Fast enough to conduct FSB Pro operations that is.


    Hello Thomas,

    Especially for FSB Pro, the faster PC you use, the better. It will still work on a slower one but the generator will produce strategies slowly.

    If you have a slow computer, you better look at EA Studio.


    Hi Haliffa. What’s the OS (windows) you’re using now?

    Admin bar avatarHaliffa

    I had a similar issue but what I did is to re-install my windows? After that, it works much better.


    Hey Simon,

    here are the recommendations from the software company:

    System Requirements
    Recommended Hardware:
    CPU: a modern 4 cores processor. RAM: 8 GB or more.

    Minimal Hardware:
    CPU: 2 cores processor, RAM: 2 GB.

    Software Requirements:
    Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
    Microsoft .NET 4.0 or a newer version. MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.

    Admin bar avatarSimon

    Hi, I’m also wondering what to do about speeding up FSB Pro..

    I currently have it installed on a desktop PC, but this PC is prone to crashing, not good for running the generator, so I am thinking about buying a new laptop dedicated to FSB Pro, but am not completely sure what spec I should look for to make it specialized for FSB Pro, can anyone advise?

    I expect the processor will be near the top of the list, but what about RAM? How much of it?

    Any other considerations?

    I like the idea of a laptop, so that if there is a power cut, it could run on battery for a while…




    Also, you can think it is slow, because EA Studio is very quick. But that is because it is web-based, and FSB Pro is not.

    John Michael

    Yes, I changed my laptop sometime ago because it was running slow with me, and the generator was taking long time.


    Hello Jie,

    somehow I missed to see your question when posted. I saw just now Chingi’s replay.

    Now, the speed depends on the length of the data series that you are using.

    Also, the better machine you use, the faster it will work.



    With me it works fine. But I installed in on my Desktop, because on the laptop was slower. So I guess it depends a lot on the machine.


    Hi Petko,

    FSB Pro seems to be calculating the new strategies a lot slower now.

    Is there a data or memory dump that needs to be performed with this software to keep it fast?


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