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    I am using FXblue to evaluate the strategies that are profitable and giving losses. How many trades you think I should consider per one strategy to evaluate if it makes sense to remove them or not?

    I started on 1st january with AUDUSD and I have now some strategies did 2 trades 2 losses. Do you recommend me to remove them? Or shall I wait until I do more trades?





    Hello Facundo,

    I would wait to see at least 5 trades. And what I normally do is not to remove strategies from the Demo account where I test the EAs.

    I put in the live account the Top EAs, for example, having Profit Factor above 1.2 and min count of trades 5. but I keep trading the Demo account. Because some strategies that are losing at the beginning will turn out to be positive. And there might be potential in them.


    thanks. Good tip

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    A good idea is to keep looking at different periods – last 1 month, last 2 weeks.

    Because some strategies might be in a loss for some time and in order to get over the 0 will take you a lot of time. But if you look at the last 1-2 weeks you will see it faster getting on profit.

    I am not sure if I wrote it clearly 🙂

    Admin bar avatarSimon

    When would you get rid of a strategy entirely?

    Some strategies just need a little time to perform well, but others just do terribly, what criteria would determine that a strategy just be deleted?

    A PC can only handle a particular number of instances of MetaTrader, so it seems like a good idea to know when to free up space by getting rid of bad strategies?


    Hi Simon,

    I get rid of strategies when I see that they are doing more prolonged stagnation compared to the one they had in the backtest.

    Let’s have that strategy as an example:

    You can see where was the most significant stagnation. So if I see that there is a bigger one, this gives me a sure sign that the strategy was over-optimized, and I can not rely on it.

    Also, I am looking at those statistics, and if I see something worse, I will delete it:

    Now, it is hard to recognize it in FXBLue of Myfxbook, so I use the validator, or I upload it back in EA Studio and recalculate it with the recent data. This way, I can compare the stats.

    Admin bar avatarSimon

    Thanks Petko, I have several strategies that need recalculating this way I think!


    Hi Simon,

    yes, simply this way we can see if the strategy started performing worse compared to its worst period. Meaning that it was probably over-optimized during the creation.

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