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    Hey Alvinosj,

    Glad to hear from you again. I got the picture now. The issue is most probably from the trade copier you use or the Slave accounts.

    For some reason, it doesn’t allow higher lots there. Are there any settings in there? Check it out.

    Definitely it is nothing to do with the EAs. They just send the signals to the account where you have placed them.



    For example;

    My Master account is $10,000 (Balance) while my slave account is $30,000 (Balance).

    At Master account i fired 0.10 lots, but Slave account only opened 0.01 lot.
    Even when i fired 1 lot in Master account, Slave account still opens 0.01 lot only.


    I have a Multiple accounts but i only want to trade using 1 Master account, while the rest will become Slave account.

    I have setup the Master account properly, sending out instructions to the Slave accounts.

    But the issue arises now is the lot size doesn’t match to how i want each one of them to be.


    Hi Petko, i am using MT4 and FX Blue: Trade Copier


    Hello Alvinosj,

    What are you using? MetaTrader with a broker?

    Send me some screenshots so I can see better what you are doing. You can attach easily using the pic icon in the bar above the text box.


    Hi, i desperately needs help about my receiver keeps getting 0.01 lots, while the senders has been entering more than that.

    On receiver side, i have set the LotSizeMultiplier to 3, but it still opens 0.01 lots on receiver side.


    Hi Andi. How can I get to upload my trading history when using FX Blue? Also, I’d like to know whether I can set up multiple accounts with FX Blue.


    Hey Pete. Did the problem stop after you did?


    Hey Andi,

    you are correct it is a good combination. We are working on a product that will be even better than FX BLue because we want it to be suitable for the strategy builders. This way we will avoid any problems with FX blue.

    For now, make sure to follow the exact steps when connecting your account:

    Problems with FX Blue may appear:

    • click on FX Blue live
    • select the correct type of platform you use – if you use MT4 but you Register for MT5 it will now work
    • fill in the broker’s server, the account number and the read-only password (not the account password)
    • enter your e-mail and click on Register (you can use one e-mail for many accounts)
    • click on account sync and click on save (without any changes)

    If you follow these steps you should not have any FX Blue problems.

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    FXBlue works just perfectly together with EA Studio and the Expert Advisors we use. It is the ideal combination between trading many strategies in one account and following the result with such accuracy in FX blue.




    As said most of the times the issue comes when the whole History is not shown in Meta Trader. This is because the FX BLue takes the data that is displayed over there. To make it all visible, you need to click right mouse over the result:

    all history

    Sharapova Sisi

    I never had problems with FX Blue so far.


    I had before such a problem, it was because in Meta Trader History I did not select to use the whole period. Make sure you have all the History there, so this way it will show in FX BLue


    Hello Thyago,

    I did not have problems with FX blue so far. Did you succeed to synchronize your account with the website?

    If you did it should not be lagging, with every click on different section or with refresh on the browser, you should see the new results.

    Also, make sure you have closed trades in the account, and not only opened trades. The statistic will update when there are new closed trades.

    Once again I had no problems with FX blue so far, but it could be somehow frm the server of your broker..

    Let me know how it goes


    Hi Petko,

    I’m using FX Blue Live to track the robots. However, I don’t know why, the updating of the statistics is taking a lot of time. Has this ever been noticed by you or is it a problem with my system?

    Obs.: I’m using VPS.

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