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    Hey Andi!

    You are correct!

    The number of trades is most important in creating robust strategies. I believe you wanted to say “..you need to look for the min count of trades.” 🙂

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Here is something that I learned yesterday!

    When I run the generator I normally look for higher Profit Factor, and other criteria that are expected to be high in the future.

    But actually the key point is the number of trades.

    Petko shows in the courses with min 300 count of trades, but this is because the courses are meant for beginners.

    If you want to build robust strategies that perform well for a longer time, you need to look for the maximum count of trades.

    This depends on the Historical data of the broker.


    Hi Roman. Thanks for the insights. Are there any additional mistakes we should refrain from?



    I have personally learned a lot from the Forum. Especially from that topic, I have read every single post, and I hope I will not make the mistakes.


    Everyone does mistakes, I have done so many by myself. The important is that we have the Forum now, and all beginner traders can learn a lot from us, the mistakes we did, the must of Demo trading and everything…


    At the beginning, I did the same mistake to switch between Demo and live account, and worse I was placing and replacing EAs in the same MetaTrader. Of course it did not work and I realised quickly the mistake 🙂


    Hello FXtalant,

    yes, if you place EAs for Demo trading on 2 accounts they will work on the two. The first ones will not be disabled because you place the same EAs on another account. Actually it is not just for the Demo trading, it is for live as well.

    Simply said, the EAs can trade on many platforms, no matter is it demo trading, live trading, or it could be the case you use EAs on demo trading and live account at the same time.

    Hope that makes it clearer.


    Hello Sharapova,

    you should be careful when switching the EAs from one account to another, no matter you do demo trading or live trading. Keep an eye always on the bigger picture.

    Admin bar avatarRoman

    @Shara- Mistakes happen, I pretty much blew my account in August from not paying attention to it after raising my position size. We all make mistakes but its important to learn from them.


    Hello Sharapova,

    thanks for sharing. Is that actually mean that if I have EAs running in one Demo trading account and I place them on another MetaTrader the first ones will continue working? I thought they will be disabled because they are placed in another place.

    What do you mean by simulating Demo trading? And where I can find this method explained.

    Sharapova Sisi

    hello all, I want to share a bad experience I had from my stupid mistake: I created my new EAs for the month and I placed the first ones on one of the computers I have. After that, I just received a new laptop and decided to test it. I installed the MetaTrader and placed all the EAs there. And those EAs I place straight to my live account because I use the method from Petko to simulate Demo trading with the Data in EA Studio.

    When I looked at the results in FX Blue I saw that some of the EAs already opened double more trades than the others which was not usual. I kept looking into it for another 2 days and those EAs were opening more and more than the others. Until I realized that I had those EAs running still on the first computer I started placing them and on my new one…luckily they did not make losses but profits.

    However, it is a stupid mistake because it could have been the other way around and get more losses… so pay attention where you place the EAs. If you decide to move them, make sure to disable the auto trade in the first place.


    You are welcome, let me know if there is anything else.

    Admin bar avatartraderaw19

    Perfect! Thanks Petko 🙂


    Hello Traderaw19,

    there is actually a topic where you can see what acceptance criteria the guys use. Might be useful to you:


    Admin bar avatartraderaw19

    @Andi, you mentioned,

    “… I just generate EAs and place them for test on Demo, and then straight to the live.”

    I’m curious, what criteria does a strategy have to pass in the testing phase for them to get promoted to live?



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