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    Right! Make sure to check before you put your money.


    Hi Mr Petko, thanks for the heads up,

    actually the broker is represented by a person I have known for a while, so I wanted to gather some evidence to counter their offers



    Hey Junaid,

    Please, do not post links of brokers(especially scammers) in the Forum. Anyway, you are welcome to ask.

    I would also suggest you stick to the popular huge brokers.


    Yes they are basically operating in Kuala Lumpur,  and asking to remit the initial deposit through a handler in Hong kong, everything looks 100% scam


    Contact address is Kuala Lumpur.  So a bit suspect…..  If you are after a good Aussie broker I use Pepperstone and Global Prime and have had no issues…..


    Dear Traders and Readers

    Im a newbie on this forum, I would like to take expert opinion of the following broker;

    Kilcor Investment Management Pty Ltd

    Since their website claim they are regulated by ASIC and also we can find on the ASIC website about the registration, but the doubt starts when there’s no license number mentioned on the website,

    Please advice about the broker


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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