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    I love the Historical data tool. I am testing currently the Dukascopy with a small live account to see how it goes.

    I hope I can use it in a longer-term with this fantastic data.

    Yes, Andi if it gets inside EA Studio it will be even better.

    How is your trading going recently?

    I did above 50% this month which was a target that I couldn’t reach the last 6 months. Thanks to Petko of course…


    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Great to have the search bar, Petko! Thanks a lot!

    EA Studio with the Free Historical data App is just a fantastic combination! Really things got easier for me.

    I hope soon the data will be inside the software for the licenses users at least. This way we won’t need to download and upload the data. Even it works really fast this way 🙂


    Hello Daniel,

    the search bar is now available 🙂 Your wish was pushed immediately on the same day 🙂


    Hey Daniel,

    Glad to hear that. Yes, it is on our to-do list. I hope it will be available soon.


    Daniel Nixon

    Satisfied and great course…..but please consdier a search function in your forum. There are many of pages to go through to find discussion on a particular subject.


    EA Studio has been great for me during the last year. There is so much written in here but I want to point out a few things:

    1. I spent couple of thousands for ready EAs from the MQL5 market that never worked well. And now I make daily better strategies.

    2. The system from Petko that allows me trading with 100s of EAs at the same time is just impossible without the EA Studio

    3. Backtesting Forex strategies has never been easier and faster. I love the fact that I am not doing it on MetaTrader any more 🙂

    George Lane

    Hey Petko!

    I see that the Historical data is already on the website.

    I believe now the backtesting Forex strategies will go smoothly and without issues with missing bars.

    Thanks for making things easier.

    I was collecting bars for 3 months now, but still not enough.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!


    Hey Andi,

    The new data comes from Dukascopy. Basically from Forex Software LTD they converted the tick data into bars and developed that App.

    I hope by the end of the weekend my team will manage to publish it on our website as well.

    Later I will create videos on how to use it but it is actually quite easy.

    And the data is complete, no gaps, no missing days – 100% data.

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    O, really? From where is that Historical data?


    Hey Petko!

    I saw that there is a new tool for Historical data with EA Studio and FSB Pro.

    Can we expect it on Forex Academy?



    Glad to hear that, Stephen!

    Keep up the good work and I am sure you will be even more successful!

    Kind regards,



    Hi Petko,

    I’ve been using the automated trading software EA Studio and I think it makes trading way easier compared to trading manually. Your courses based on the same have really helped me to understand the platform.

    On behalf of all the traders who have benefited from it, thanks so much.


    Today I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Forex Academy team and Forex Software,

    Petko and his team are so responsive on the email and the forum. I doubt at the beginning before taking the Optimal Pack that ones I take it, they will not be so responsive, but just the opposite. I get answers to every question, Skype call if it is needed, and they help w lot if I am stuck with backtesting Forex strategies or something else.

    I will not talk about the value of the courses, I am sure everyone who took a course knows how valuable are they. Getting updates every month for free is something you can not really find anywhere else.

    On the other side Forex Software keep updating EA Studio all the time. Since I got the license there were some awesome uptdates, and R century we go the Normslizer. This is a tool I couldn’t fine in any other Forex software. It does not only improve the backtesting Forex strategies process but makes the strategies faster, simpler and more profitable. I really do not know how these guys invent all of that but it is just fantastic.

    thanks guys, you are pros

    Kind regards


    Glad to hear that my courses and the Academy helped you improve your trading and life. That is all I aimed from the beginning…

    Cone D

    Hey Petko,

    I am the perfect example of what you described. 🙂

    If you remember when I first met you and we had the 1:1 class I told you my story. Here it is for the others:

    I was trading professionally with a couple of strategies. I can say 3 that were bringing my profits(not so constantly) but it was enough to cover the monthly expenses. Backtesting Forex strategies manually is nearly impossible as Petko says. It takes so so so much time. I was staying around 12 hours every day in front of the screens and at one moment I realized it is useless to do it because I do not have a life… this is why I started looking for algorithmic trading without programming and I found Forex Academy and Petko’s courses.

    I tried as well hiring a person with some basic knowledge but saw that he will need long long time to do the trading for me… so do not waste time and money with that.

    Now my life is totally different. I use the Expert Advisors from EA Studio. I spent about 2-3 hours a day to generate new strategies, place on demo and manage a Demo and 2 live accounts. Backtesting Forex strategies with EA Studio and FSB Pro is just a pleasure compared to do it manually. And it is precise! I have a lot of time for everything else…started a second business of my own with paintings..


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