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    Many thanks Petko!


    Hey there,

    It is really up to you. Usually, MetaTrader will allow you to put no more than 99EAs in one account. So you will need multiple MetaTrader platforms on your computer if you want to test the EAs from every new month.

    We had a topic in the forum about how you can install many MetaTrader platforms:


    Now, I would suggest you not to make it too complicated.

    Keep just two MetaTrader accounts (one simulating real trading). And test the new EAs that come every new month. Place in the second Demo, the EAs that perform the best at the moment. Fifty is a good number of EAs to test. It is enough 🙂


    Hey guys


    Just a quick question from a beginner here…

    If Petko is giving 50 EA’s a month… is it best to just add those to the existing EA’s in the testing account?

    Obviously after a while there could be hundreds being tested and tracked at once so just checking that that is on and won’t cause any issues with MT4 etc?

    I’m using FX Blue as per the suggestion in one of the courses as well to help track.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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