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    Hello Isaak,

    Glad to hear from you.Yes, I am using more bars. This 65 k limitation comes from Meta Trader, and you can remove it,

    Go to your chart options and you will see the number 65 000 as max bars. Just place number as 999999999999999 and restart your Meta Trader.

    After that you need to press the home key again, and you will see more bars coming up.

    This way you can export more Historical data for EA Studio and FSB Pro.

    Viktor Isaak

    Hello guys,
    I am very new to the Forum, and I would appreciate if someone can help me.
    I wanted to export Historical data for EA Studio and FSB Pro, but the maximum I am getting for the small time frames is 65 000 bars.
    I have some courses already from EA Forex Academy, and I see that Petko uses more like 200 000, isn’t he?
    I would really appreciate if someone can help me.


    I believe you wanted to say 90558 and not 905580, right?
    You need to collect your historical data from the broker you are using. We explain how we do that in our Portfolio of 100s Forex Strategies course. The idea is that you need to run your MT4 with months in order to collect the needed data. It’s up to you how many bars you will use on the different time frames. On M15 and above 100 000 bars are more then enough. On a small trading account you can go up to 20-30 strategies with no worries with a trading volume of 0.01 lots. Make sure you diversify the risk on different pairs and different time frames.


    Thanks for getting back guys. I trade fully automated and do not pause for the news. I was trading on the 1 min but I notice the EA’s generated were trading too often which were making losses on top of that I was being charged for commission. Now I understand that the bar I used were not enough.

    I can only get 905580 bars (1 min) from by broker. Can you suggest any other brokers where I can get 200,000 Bars on 1 min. Please also suggest minimum bars to use for 15 min, 30min, 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 Day. Thank you. Also can you suggest the maximum number of EA to have trading on a small account of 500 USD


    Just make sure to use as much History bars as possible from your broker. On M1 you can go to the maximum of 200 000, which is a good number. The more data you have, the more robust strategy you will create.


    Depends exactly how you use the EA Studio. Do you go for fully automated trading or you pause on news? If you pause on news you should stay with the low time frames – from M1 to H1, and if you don’t, you an try H4 and D1.
    What you can do is to create couple of strategies on each time frame, export them, test on Demo first and see which one works best for your trading style.


    What is the best time Frame to Generate EAs in EA Studio. Which time frame produced more robust EA

    George Steel

    Guys,I am testing the two softwares – EA Studio and FSB Pro now and I had some troubles with the historical data…just now from the course Portfolio of Forex strategies by Petko Alexandrov, I realized how important it is to develop the EAs on the right historical data. Now I will go back creating the strategies again…


    Good Job Zack, keep it up

    Zack Georgiev

    With the scripts they provided me when i bought FSB Pro, i have no more problems with the history data. So easy to drag and have the new data. Love these scrpts, one drag and all is updated.
    And since FSB Pro shows precise beck-testing for each strategy – i do not test on demo. Simply when i update the historical data, i see what happened with the strategy and this way i do my out OUT OF SAMPLE. Nice nice so far…


    I can’t believe it…so far i was using only 20 000 for FSB Pro and for EA Studio and i was wondering why everytime i put a strategy, it starts loosing…dam!!! Thank you guys!


    Hello Jade,

    you are right with smaller data your trading strategies will be most probably over-optimized. You can change it to max 200 000 from Tools – Data Horizon. Good job you did it in FSB Pro, because it took us time in the beginning to find it 🙂

    Jade Brown

    How can i use bigger history data in EA studio? I am using the default 20 000 so far but its too small and i think the trading strategies will be optimized. In FSB pro i succeeded to change it to 300 000 but i cant in EA studio.

    Admin bar avatarMaria Docheva

    Hello Ilkin,
    actually you are doing nothing wrong. That is how it is. When you use huge historical data the FSB Pro software is creating the strategies based on all of the bars and this way is creating you a strategy that was profitable during this whole period.

    And it is expected that the Forex strategies will be with an average smaller daily profits. If you use smaller period of time you will see strategies with bigger profits but they are optimized in this period. So try to find an average number of bars that you shall use in order to make stable results in time which is more important then the daily profits.

    As in the course
    Petko suggests to use 300 000 bars for the strategies on M1. Keep in mind that this is possible in FSB Pro and with EA Studio the maximum is 200 000 bars.



    the daily profits are getting small when i go for all of my data…yes it looks very good strategy backtest because it has 1000s of trades exacuted, but with small profits…how can i improve that? I am using it on H1. And i am using it on FSB pro

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