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    Hello Thomas,

    Here are the main differences:

    EA Studio:

    • it is a web-based strategy builder
    • it is possible to run many generators on one and the same computer, on different tabs/browsers
    • it has the Reactor, Validator, and Normalizer (tools not available in FSB Pro)

    FSB Pro:

    • it is possible to use custom indicators
    • higher time frames could be used as filters (you can trade on M15, and filter on H1 or D1, for example)
    • You can generate/build strategies with up to 24 rules

    Both programs are very useful. They are different and combining both of them works the best.


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Good day Petko.

    Does the script for FSB Pro limit the number of bars to be exported up to 100,000 only? I exported the same currency pair using the EA Studio script and was able to generate more than 100,000 bars, but when I used the script for FSB Pro, it stopped at 100,000 bars.  Is there a remedy to this?




    Hello Jay-R,

    Yes, you can do it if you open the script in Meta Editor and change the maximum bars.

    I keep at 300k so I always export the latest 300k bars.

    After that compile it, and put it back over the chart.


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Thanks Petko.  It’s fixed now.



    Glad to hear that. You can choose any other number or the Higher Time Frames. For example on H1, you might want to have the lastest 25k bars. On M15 you can use the latest 100k bars.

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Thanks, Petko.  Yes, I’m using the recommended number of bars based on your courses.



    Glad to hear that, Jay-R.

    In FSB Pro I use the maximum of 300k. Keep in mind that in EA Studio for the licensed users you can go up to 500k I think.

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Thanks for mentioning that Petko.  I”m still a long way of reaching the 500k bars but I’ll keep that in mind.  However, I might just stick with your 300k limit recommendation on the m1 chart since the logic behind it makes sense to me.

    By the way, can you  please send me the FSB Data Source script for FSB Pro? I’m beginning to read on the forum of Forex Software, and I can’t seem to find it even with the thread wherein Popov posted the export to csv script.

    Many thanks.



    Hey Jay-R,

    yeah, I will make sure to do it.

    Here is a video where I explain how it works:

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Yes, I already watched that video Petko.  That was where I actually learned about the FSB Data Source script.


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Good day, Petko.

    I already received the FSB Data Source script.  Thanks for sending it.  I appreciate it.

    I have some FSB Pro questions for you if you don’t mind.

    1. Can you please explain how the comparator works? I tried to dabble with it a little bit but I don’t really know how to put it into use.

    2. What is the use of FSB Pro bridge? From what I understand in Popov’s videos, the FSB Pro Bridge is used to connect to the MT4 terminal; however, I really don’t understand the purpose in doing this aside from the fact that I can switch my FSB Pro into trader mode while linking the software to my MT4.  What is the benefit in using the Bridge?

    3. May I know who the data provider for the FSB Pro Demo Data? Is it the same with the Metatrader-Demo used with EA Studio, which is JFD?

    4. Can I make a portfolio expert advisor using FSB Pro, similar to EA Studio?

    5. Based on experience, up to how many generators could I simultaneously run in FSB Pro? Currently, I’m running 2 generators simultaneously.  Can I still add more generators without affecting the overall performance of the software?

    6. Adding to position… Which is better to use? MT5 or MT4?

    When I was watching Popov’s videos in youtube (either from 2014 or 2015), I could remember him mentioning that MT5 is better to use in strategies involving “adding to position” instead of MT4.  I believe it was something to do regarding FIFO.  Does this still apply now?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    Bart Meijrink

    Hello Jay-R,

    there is a great user guide about FSB Pro where you can find detailed information about each instrument:

    The data is the same as in EA Studio and in FSB Pro you can not create Portfolio EAs. It is a function available for EA Studio.

    The more generators you run, the slower it will become but that will not affect the performance.

    Regarding the last question…Petko should give the answer 🙂

    Hope that was useful 🙂


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Hey Bart,

    1-2. Yes, in addition to Petko’s courses involving FSB Pro, I also read the manual and also watched Popov’s youtube videos.  Currently, I’m taking time to read the Forex Sofware forum as well.

    Notwithstanding, I’m still having some problems in having a mental picture over what I was reading in the manual despite there are some pictures from time to time to help convey the message of what Popov was trying to explain.

    Maybe some videos from Petko, either giving examples as to their application or providing more explanation, would shed more light.

    3-5. Thanks!

    I appreciate all your comments Bart.




    Hello Jay-R,

    sorry for the late replay, I have missed somehow the new posts here. Thanks, Bart, for answering!

    The difference is that in MT5 you can add to the position and in MT4 you will add another position.

    For example, if you trade with 0.1 lot and you have a strategy that allows maximum to 0.3 lots, in MT5 you will see in your terminal 0.1 when the new signal comes, it will rise to 0.2, and then to 0.3. But in MT4 you will see 3 orders with 0.1.

    I guess this is why he said that

    Hope that makes sense.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Thanks Petko.

    As always, your answers are very helpful.


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