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    Hey Petko,

    I got your courses 2 months ago, I watched nearly all of them, and just now I saw that topic…stupid mistake from me.

    I will know to follow the updates at the beginning of the month.


    Hello Deenslavi,

    here you can follow the updates of EA Studio as a software. Every new feature, change in some of the inputs, I normally do a video and post it here.

    There is another topic with the Updates of the courses.


    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Hey Petko,

    Hope you and your team are fine! I was wondering if there will be an update with the EA Studio regarding the new changes on the Acceptance criteria in OOS and the Walk forward. I see that when I run OOS with the Walk Forward I do not get the green line as in the courses. I guess this is because of an update.

    Appreciate your work!



    Hello Andi,

    yes, I will be recording such a video in the next days. Many of the users and students asked me about it, so the best will be to have a video. I will do my best to record it in the next 2-3 days.



    Hello traders,

    maybe some of you have noticed that there are new videos on the Landing page on EA Studio:




    I decided to make a free start-up course about EA Studio which will help all traders that test the trial period. If you have already experience with EA Studio, I am sure there might be something new to learn.

    On the right side, you can see each lecture, and you can click on it if you want to see specifically this video.

    Also, we have already captions available in English, Portuguese(Brazil) and Japanese. There are some more languages coming up. If anyone likes to contribute to different languages, please let us know. 🙂



    Dear traders,

    I have recorded and uploaded update video for the Walk Forward Optimization in the Reactor.

    This video will be an update as well in the course Walk Forward optimization: Forex trading with Portfolio EAs



    If you have any questions, let me know.


    Admin bar avatarHaliffa

    Thank you, Petko for the video! It makes a lot of sense now!

    I couldn’t figure out why I do not see the green part in the strategies when following your method from the Walk Forward Optimization course.

    Thanks for making these videos 🙂


    Thanks for the video, Petko!

    Appreciate your work!

    I have a question. I generated some EAs the way you show, but when I click on each one and perform the Walk Forward Optimization the strategy that shows up is not better than the original one? Why the Reactor lets it go in the collection?

    Maybe I miss something?


    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Hello Mery, well if you have used the Walk Forward Optimization and you get any of the strategies from the collection, it means that the strategy already passed the Walk Forward Optimization. And you are doing WF optimization on the one that is already optimized.

    This is why you do not see a better strategy because you are trying to optimize with WF the one that is already optimized. It is not the original one that you are having in the collection. We do not see the original because it was changed from the WF optimizer.

    Hope that helps.


    O man, I tried as well the walk forward Optimization after having it in the Reactor. Andi is correct. We do not see the original strategy but the one that already passed the walk Forward Optimization.


    I see that there new EA Studio updates all the time. That is great. It is nice to have a software that is being developed.


    Hey Mery, Andy gave you a great answer.

    When the strategy goes over the Walk Forward Optimization in the Reactor, it is being changed and you see the optimized new version. If you run it again you will most probably see worse strategy as in your picture.

    No worries, it took me some time as well to understand the Walk Forward Optimization process.

    Cone D

    Hey Petko!

    Very nice last video about the walk forward optimization! It has been a pain using it, just because I was not sure if I use it properly.

    Now after watching that video it is much clearer for sure.


    PS: Good point here Andi!


    Petko’s videos are always helpful. I always watch some courses from time to time and I find always something I have missed.

    Especially, the walk forward optimization course, I have watched it over 5 times…


    Hello traders,

    We have a great new feature in EA Studio since yesterday. It is called Normalizer:


    You will find it right between the Optimizer and the Walk Forward Optimization. Actually it is something similar to the Optimizer but the idea is to improve the strategy by:

    • Remove Take Profit
    • Remove needless indicators
    • Reduce Stop Loss
    • Reduce Take Profit
    • Normalize indicator parameters

    The function will be integrated into the Reactor as well, and once it is, I will record a video about it.

    Safe trading!

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