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    Hello traders,

    Last days I have recorded a video showing how to download Historical data from the Forex Historical Data App we have and how to make it work for any other broker’s data.

    This is a great solution if you have a small number of bars, and you want to have more.


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    What is the difference between
    free and paid EA Studio.


    Hi there!

    The free EA Studio allows you to use all the features – generator, optimizer, robustness tools, Historical data, etc.  The thing you can not do with it is to export Expert Advisors (Robots).

    But you can test it for 15 days with the free trial. You can export as many EAs as you wish. There is no limitation.

    The only difference better the EA Studio license and the trial is that you can not export Portfolio EAs with the trial.

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    Thanks for the answer
    this is what I ment.


    Hey traders,

    I have recorded a short video with some of the updates we have in EA Studio:

    The generator is just the same, but it has a visual presentation of how every new and better strategy is performing compared to the previous one.

    Also, you will see that we can limit now the number of Entry and Exit conditions.

    Have a look at the video to make sure you are taking the most out of the software.

    I will keep you updated with the recent improvements.


    Hello traders!

    Here is another video with more updated on EA Studio:

Viewing 6 posts - 151 through 156 (of 156 total)
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