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    Hey Petko,

    I really like the new feature Normalizer.

    it took me some times to understand it, but after I did, I think it is amazing!

    every option is very logical.

    how ever I will be looking for a video which will be very useful for me.


    Hello Petko,

    I am also looking forward the video for the normalizer. I find it very useful but before actually using it, it will be great to see your point of you.

    Kind regards,



    Hello traders,

    Sorry for the delay with this update, but here it is:

    EA Studio updates: Normalizer


    It turned out that the Normalizer is an excellent tool, and I will be using it more often.

    I will implement it in the upcoming monthly updates for the courses.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Petko A


    Hey Petko, thanks for the update. After going through the video I’m also of the same opinion. I think the Normalizer is a very effective tool. The videos you create are very helpful even to the beginner traders like myself, I must commend you on that.

    Are there any updates we should expect in the near future? Please let us know.


    Good evening. I am new to EA studio so in case i enquire about a feature that already exist do forgive me. The EAs that you share with us monthly in some of the courses i would love an opportunity to bring back the EAs that i would have selected into EA studio so that i can further refine them


    Hello James,

    yes, you can upload an Expert Advisor back if you go to the strategy editor, and after that, you click that arrow down on the left side of the Data resource:

    Also, if you want to import not just one but whole portfolio or let’s say the 10 EAs from any of my courses, you can use the Validator.

    Drop them there, filter if you wish with acceptance criteria and Monte Carlo and press Start. The EAs that go trough will show in the collection.

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Good day Petko,

    Regarding portfolio EA’s, you taught us in your courses how to edit the code of the portfolio EA especially on how to disable the trading of a particular EA within the portfolio.  However, can you tell us how to adjust the position size as well? Where do we go in the code to do that, and what to do thereafter?




    Hi Jay-R,

    the position size you can select it when you drag the EA over the chart. If you want to change it at one moment, just drag the EA again over the chart and select the new size. If you have already removed some of the strategies they will not apply because you would be using the new compiled Portfolio EA.

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Thanks Thapelo.

    Yes, that would definitely be the method to be done if I want to change all of the position sizes for all of the strategies that are enabled to be traded within the portfolio ea.

    I’m sorry for not being specific with my question, I meant suppose I would want to only change the position sizes of SOME of the strategies found within the portfolio but NOT ALL.

    I’m assuming that it has something to do with altering the code itself?


    Bart Meijrink

    Hey Jay-R,

    as far as I know, you can not do that. The size is one for all of the strategies in the portfolio. If it was possible it would be in the input menu. I am sure they can add that, it is an idea, but that will bring you far away from the diversification.

    Because if you increase the lot of one strategy it is the same as trading one expert advisor with higher lots in the account. But if that one starts to lose, it will bring you more losses and the others won’t be able to compensate because they are trading with smaller lots.

    The idea of trading portfolio experts or many experts in the account is to have equal lots so there will be risk-diversification.


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Noted Bart.  Thanks.

    Yes, what I’m trying to do would definitely be contrary to the concept of diversification.

    Currently, however, I’m using portfolio EA’s not for the purpose of diversification but simply to save space in my MT4 terminal while testing a number of strategies per currency pair.

    Also, I’m still quite new in trading algos, and to be honest, I’m still not used to seeing a lot of magic numbers that’s why opted to test different strategies through portfolio EA’s to make things simpler initially.

    I’ll get better through time =)


    Bart Meijrink

    Hey Jay-R,

    Your idea is great! What you said that we could use Portfolio EAs to test the individual EAs, is a great idea! I never thought about it.

    Let’s say we have 50 strategies, and instead of testing individually, we can test in 1 portfolio. Saving the collection will give us the idea after that of which strategies performed the best, or which ones are ot the top.

    If the strategy ending on 005 makes the most profit, that would be the 5th strategy in the collection.

    I will implement that from that week 🙂

    Thanks, Jay-R!

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Hey Bart,

    Glad to know that method of testing helped out =)

    I hope it aids you to bank more pips.



    Hey guys,

    that is quite an interesting discussion that you had right here 🙂 Good job! This is how everyone progresses faster. Nice idea, Jay-R!


    I really like these videos for EA Studio Updates. Petko explains very detailedly about every new feature.

    I will be watching for your new videos.



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