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    Hi guys. I’m planning to try algo trading using my laptop whose specs are 4 GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, core i5 2.60 GHz. What do you guys think? Is it going to serve my operations comfortably or do I need to upgrade it?

    Sharapova Sisi

    I use as well a second-hand bought PC and it works just fine.

    The good thing with the Desktops is that you can update it with RAM, Hard or anything.

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Hi Bart. Thanks for sharing. That does make sense. Buying a good second-hand computer sounds like a good idea.


    Bart Meijrink

    Hey Jay-R,

    Second-hand computers work just great for me. I have a laptop, and desktop that is my main machine, and I have bought 2 another that are second hand but they do just great with 3 MetaTrader platforms installed on each. So on those, I have my 6 Demo accounts, and on my Laptop and main machine, I have the 2 live accounts.

    It is a bit of investment but if you pay VPS every month, you will end up with more cost at the end of the 1st year probably.


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Yes, I honestly am not comfortable with that method either. It’s good to have someone who actually have the experience to tell me the same thing =)


    Hello Jay-r,

    It is not recommendable to use VPS from the broker(especially the one that you have an account with) because this way you give them full control over your trades and EAs. Personally I would not like the broker to have control over my EAs. It is like you place the EAs in their office.

    Know something from me: There is no broker that wants you to profit. 🙂


    Jay-r Yuzon

    Hi Andi. I’ve learned this method through a VPS course by a person teaching algorithmic trading as well. In the course, there was no distinction given whether this would exclusively apply to a broker’s VPS, or an external one–although I do know that the teacher does not recommend using broker’s VPS. Currently, I’m using cheap-forex-vps, and it works just fine.

    Admin bar avatarAndi

    Hey Jay-R,

    that would be very useful to the people that use VPS. I used to trade via VPS but I was using not a Forex VPS.

    The issue that you describe is from a broker’s VPS or from an external one?

    Jay-r Yuzon

    Hi guys, after browsing through the comments, I found that there were at least 2 possible reasons why duplication of trades took place. One was through opening the EA from two different devices/sources, and the other was a potential broker problem.

    There might be another reason for that, which would involve the VPS.

    Sometimes there are technical errors when logging-off from the VPS, so much so that when logging-in once again, the VPS might recognize you as a different user, and thus, it creates a different session for you, considering you as different user (although you may not necessarily know this outrightly unless you go to Task Manager, and then go to Users, and check if there are more than 1 user). And being recognized as a different user, in effect, the number of MT4 terminals are basically doubled. Consequently, this will cause duplication of trades.

    So how to avoid this?

    1. Close all MT4 terminals in your VPS
    2. Log-off from the VPS (don’t just close the window of the VPS)
    2. Right click on the VPS shortcut
    3. Go to Properties
    4. Go to Target
    5. Add (space)/admin to the address found in Target

    For example:
    C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe /admin

    And that’s it. I hope this helps


    There is already a topic about the VPS that you can read more:





    There is already a topic about the VPS that you can read more:





    Hello Ibrahimovic,

    Yes, they look like duplicate orders. As Jacpin says, if you are having the MT with the EAs on two places, it will open the same trades, or you have same EAs on different charts. No any other reason really. Third would be some problem with the auto trading of your broker, but that would be weird.


    Hi @Jacpin2002,

    Yes it is possible it happened to me for some reasons. What is weird is that overnight most of the EAs opened duplicates but not all of them.

    I synchronized my VPS again and since I did not get any other additional duplicates with new orders. Problem seems to be solved but I will keep an eye on it.

    What VPS are you using by the way to also have an autotrading switch available on it please?


    @Ibrahimovic10-Hi there! I had duplicate orders generating when I first started because I had MT up and running on the VPS and my home computer. Since both had autotrading turned on the orders were duplicated. Is it possible that this is happening for you?



    Hi Petko,

    Appreciate your prompt reply 🙂

    Yes, orders are coming from the same EAs as you can see in the below screenshot (but it’s not duplicating for all EAs):

    TP/SL are all the same for each duplicated order.

    Any idea what could be the problem here please?


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