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    Hello Poincare,
    Sorry for the late replay, I was expecting some of the students to help you out(since you pointed the question to them).

    Anyway, the formula is much more simple than you think.

    These numbers are coming from basic calculations. The question you need to ask is:

    How much do I need to enter on the other direction in order to cover the loss. So you will have only one X value in the equation.

    In the new course, Cryptocurrency Never losing formula – Ethereum trading robot, I explain it step by step, and it is much clearer there I do believe.

    However, let me know specific questions so I can assist you.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Bibian

    Hello Petko,

    thank you for the answer and for your advice! I took the Basic algorithmic trading course + 3 robots and soon I will share my impressions. I hope that I will learn everything that I need. I took advantage from your summer sale!

    Best regards,


    Hello Ian,
    I have just answered to you in the other topic. Anyway for cryptocurrency algorithmic trading you should be looking as a start at the course Basic algorithmic trading course + 3 Robots

    It will give you a fantastic idea about all in algorithmic trading and also, I hae provided three expert advisors that you can practice with.

    Kind regards,

    Ian Bibian

    Dear Petko,
    you have a wonderful website, and I see many people like your courses.
    Which course would you suggest me to start with in Cryptocurrency algorithmic trading?


    Dear Poincare,
    sorry for the late replay, somehow I have missed answering you.

    The formula is not really a complicated thing. Just as you see it. The lots are coming easily from the calculations. It is just math that we fit the lots, so we can exit the whole equation without losses.

    Now I am creating a new Ethereum cryptocurrency never losing formula course, and I will do my best o explain it clearer.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Eliot

    Take it as something simple, because it is really simple when you get used to calculating it. Its like one of these games where you are looking for some hard math solutions, but it turns out to me that you need to find how many squares and circles are there. When I took the cryptocurrency – algorithmic trading course I felt as real beginner, but then I figured it out
    The idea is that we compensate the loss if the price goes against the initial trade. The lots come from the calculation. The constant is 1:3 – mid zone to TP.
    So if you choose 210 TP and 70 Mid zone, that is the same ratio.
    After that you want to enter with a new trade on the opposite direction which is 70USD lower, and you place another 210 as TP. So the total distance for the first trade is 280 right?
    So the questions is what is the lot size that will cover the loss of 280USD?
    You grab the calculator and start to place number higher than 1.0, such as 1.1, 1.2 1,3, 1.4, and that’s it. At 1.4 times 210 is 294USD, which exactly covers the 280USD of a loss. And you have 14USD left for swap, commission and so on. The same logic repeats with the next lots.


    I have finished the cryptocurrency trading course that also includes the “Never Lose” formula. However, I am not 100% sure about how to effectively implement this formula. I have watched the presentation several times but it’s just not clear why Mr. Petko is choosing the specific lot sizes and buy and stop loss numbers. In the course, Mr. Petko is good at explaining most things, but with this, I’m just not clear on the step by step, easy to understand, explanation that I can easily put to action. Does anyone have tips? Thank you.

    Svet Mentor

    you should lok and the basic crytpocurrency course from Petko. It is designed for new traders. He starts there from the very absics staff. As well he sharess a manual system for trading and algorithmic system. Crytpocurrency is great market to be traded now.

    Bob Saphen


    can somebody share opinion for this course about cryptocurrency trading? Is it appropriate for beginner traders? I just ask, because I am new in trading. I see there is “never losing formula” and I want to know what represents it?


    Admin bar avatarHaliffa


    here in the EA Blog I see more information for Cryptocurrency trading –
    I see:
    -That it is important to collect history bars from the broker that I use.
    -Why I need to leave my meta trade open in my trading machine for a while.
    -How to create 100s of strategies

    I hope that is useful information for everyone.


    Tom Storm

    Hello Deniza,

    you can see in section “Cryptocurrency trading” is “Basic Cryptocurrency trading course – from A to Z” which will be more useful for you, because you are new in trading. In this course you can see many advices and examples for cryptocurrency trading. The course is basic and everything is in details. There – you can see the description of the course and to know more about it.



    Hello guys,

    I am trading with cryptocurrency from a little bit time and I want to know more about the currencies and how to trade with them. I see in the section “Cryprocurrency trading” are some courses – Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading – The Revolution, Cryptocurrency never losing formula – Bitcoin trading and Cryptocurrency never losing formula – Bitcoin Robot Trading, which course I can buy and learn basic things about the trading?



    Dava, sory for the late, late response, I have missed it. In the Mega Pack we include all of our courses for forex tradng and cryptocurrency.


    Hello Iohan,

    before Petko give you an answer whether Cryptocurrency algoritmic course is include I can tell you- yes it is 🙂

    Iohan Dive

    Hello Petko,

    in the Mega Pack (which is in discount now) is include Cryptocurrency – algorithmic trading course, right?

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