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    Yes, the courses of Petko are really complete. He puts pressure on the most important stuff, without unnecessary staff and theory.

    I am surprised that by so many students around, just a few questions in the Forum…simply not a lot to ask.


    Wow Petko your courses are well explained and detailed enough to answer all the questions a newbie trader would possibly have. I think you’re doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work sir 🙂


    Good question there, Thomas!
    It is really nothing to explain more, I demonstrate in nearly all of my courses how the EAs work.

    It is all about managing a Demo and a Live account and moving the profitable EAs from one to another.

    This method works the best for me, so just give it a try and see how it goes.



    Hi Petko,

    Kindly could you expound more on profits with the Expert Advisors?


    Sharapova Sisi

    Wow! I always run it for 600 min overnight. I did not try such a long generation. Will set one just now 🙂

    Petko, I am really impressed that you do your best to update the new EAs every month and generate better and better ones.


    Hey traders,

    many of you noticed that EA Studio works faster, but have a look at that:

    For some of the monthly updates, I have run a few reactors for 4500 min, which is more than 3 days.

    I got over 10 MILLION strategies generated 🙂

    10 million trading strategies


    Hi Roman!

    I have learned a lot as well! Basically the Academy and Petko changed my trading and succeed with profits. With the price action and manual trading, it was such a headache and I was never on a profit at the end of the month.

    How are your EAs doing?

    Cone D

    Hey Petko,

    you are right, the profits with Expert Advisors depend on so many things but having the Expert Advisor studio on our side is a HUGE thing!

    I am sure the software will be updated more with the time, and the BEST thing for me is that there is a lifetime license. I have couple of programs for my work, and they are all on a yearly subscription. That sucks! This is called ”milking”. In order to use the programs I have to pay every year…

    I am glad there is the lifetime license for EA Studio and FSB Pro because I do not feel in rush to use it, I have all the time in the world. 🙂


    Admin bar avatarRoman

    @Mery- Thank you! Glad to be home with my fellow academy students! Have learned a lot in here as well over the past almost two years.


    Yes, Cone! You are right, the faster it works the more strategies we will have at the end and a better choice.

    Now the profits with Expert Advisors depend on many things:

    • the proper Historical datA
    • strict acceptance criteria
    • good set up with the Reactor
    • accurate testing on Demo and Live
    Cone D

    Actually this was a very important update because the faster EA Studio generator works the more strategies we are getting. When we have a bigger choice we will have bigger profits with Expert Advisors we trade.

    Everything is connected and when one of the features improve, it improves the whole process.


    Hello Roman,

    Glad to see you back. Your posts are very useful!

    You missed an update with EA Studio. No new features but it works so much faster now 🙂

    Admin bar avatarRoman

    Would love to have an FSB/EA Studio student summit Petko!

    Sorry Ladies and Gents, took a little break for my eyes and sanity. Was working on a hopeful partnership that fell through while I was incubating a few strategies. Am back in R&D mode! Missed the forum!


    Very interesting topic here. Steve, my name is Teo and I am new to the Academy and the forum. Just going over all post and trying to learn as much as possible for algorithmic trading. I hope next months I will be able to achieve profits with Expert Advisors from Petko, and after that with the EAs I generate.



    How are the result for August with everyone? I did some great profits with Petko’s EAs. Trying to figure it out how he generates such strategies…:)

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