Hi Asser.

Thanks for sharing.  Yes I have been using this setup for a while.  Helps to keep things organised.  If you get to a situation where you start to run a lot of MT4 platforms you might want to also look at creating new users and running on each user.  I find about 10 MT4 platforms per user is good.  If you have to many per user it starts to lock up the mt4s I find.  Not 100% sure but I think windows assigns a certain amount of cpu and ram to each user which helps spread the load over your PC.  It also helps you get around the limit of a maximum of 32 instances of MT4 per PC as each user is considered to be it’s own PC…..  I have had up to 50 MT4’s running at once but this is a bit excessive…….  Just “switch” between users instead of logging out and this will keep everything running……  Now back to searching for a new broker…….