Yes.  I live in Australia and got the same from my brokers…..  I am now looking at alternatives.  We have a few months to sort out alternatives….  Let me know what you come up with and I will do the same.  So far Dukascopy is looking good.  There leverage is 1:100 but can go to 1:200.  I would love to find a trustworthy 1:500 broker.

It seems that if you are a wall street banker you can have all the rules and regulations changed so that you can use massive leverage and get a free bail out when you get it wrong, but the small retail trader is the one that can’t be trusted to manage his own money……..  Oh well that’s the way it goes.  The other thing that I am following closely is the talk of another Bretton  Woods agreement and the likely restructure of the forex markets as we know them in the next few years…..  I think we will all need to be able to adapt quickly in the next few years to keep doing what we are doing here……  Just my opinion…