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Hey Nitox,

As a beginner, it certainly can seem overwhelming when starting out, but I assure you, if you just follow the steps we teach, you’ll be comfortable in no time. Just keep practicing on a demo account until you’re confident.

We have just launched a new course, which is aimed specifically at new traders with no experience.

As for your question about the ‘algorithms’, we update our EAs regularly, and as such, the latest EAs are always those that are performing best in current market conditions. It doesn’t mean you cannot continue to keep the older ones on a demo account and monitor their performance, but we update to ensure the currently best are available to our students – we do the work for you. But of course, you need to test them yourself, to ensure they work well with your broker. You will find the EAs attached a s a ZIP file to one of the lectures – the place is different on each course, based on the course structure.

And yes, it is possible to make money with a small account, but of course, it will be relative. The chances of you doubling your account monthly is unlikely. Not all strategies or EAs will be profitable all the time. That is why we test and trade with many, so when some become unprofitable, others that are profitable will compensate. My advice is, don’t rush it. Practice on a demo account for as long as you can, before risking your money.

Good luck, and if you have nay other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.


All the best,