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Thank you Petko.

Glad to hear from you too.

You’re right: I totally missed the relationship between lot size and initial balance when I copied the 1 lot size from your course. Thank you for putting me on the right track.

YES, I do understand that 1 lot and $1000 account is gambling.

Actually, I was generating strategies quickly (for testing purposes) on 0.01 lot only on 2 brokers and different length of historical data for two weeks. However, I was able to generate very little or no strategies at all when I decided to follow your steps and copied the 1 lot size from your above-mentioned course. As it turned out (thanks to your reply) I totally missed the relationship of the lot size with the initial amount and am so glad you pointed this out for me.

I may also have found two other reasons for little or no strategies:

1.      Spread value in symbol settings doesn’t have to be so set as high as I did. I took the highest value and round it up to factor 10. That’s too much. For example: If my broker’s GBPUSD is between 0 and 41, I set the value in “Symbol settings” to 50. That’s good but too high to generate strategies. I found that a more realistic value would be at 66% or 2/3 of their value as in the following table:

2.      From your (Petko’s) comments to others in this forum, I understand that (everything else being equal) generating strategies slowly isn’t a necessarily a bad sign. Sometimes we have to be patient and wait longer for good strategies to appear.

As to the leverage, I’m not keen on reducing it to less than 1:500 for now. I need the high leverage because I’m unable to increase my initial amount and hope to become good at working with calculated risk at least until my account is big enough.