Hello Asser,

Glad to hear from you again.

If you are with the AU broker then you can have the 1:500. Actually, I think 1:100 is just enough.

You were not getting strategies because you were using 1 lot in a 1000k account. Even your leverage is big, in a few trades you will hit the margin call. And you require 300 trades as a minimum….do you understand what I say? You CAN NOT trade with 1 lot in $1000 account no matter what type of trading you are doing.

This is pure gambling if you open the first trade to go on a profit, and the second and the third…and on 4th, for example, you will blow your account. That is why EA Studio can not find you strategies – it is meant for real Forex trading with appropriate risk in the account.

So keep your account to $1000 in the settings but select 0.01 lot. And this is how much you should be using after that as well.

To see strategies in your account:

  • put 0.01 lot in $1000
  • min 300 counts of trades
  • 1.1 Profit Factor (increase if you see t many)
  • Monte Carlo 20 tests and 80%