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Always nice to hear (read) your method of thinking Richard.
Only now I understand why and how you’re gathering so many strategies over time. Nice tactic!

I am systematically testing the exact 4 pairs you mention but I’ll be testing XAUUSD (gold) and XAGUSD (silver) as well.
Will use two computers: One with 16 GB RAM and another with 32 GB RAM.
I’ll be running a the live accounts on my new laptop. The idea is that the laptop will continue running on battery in case of power failure, provided Internet connection is still working.

Started with Tools > Settings where I chose $1000 as initial account and 1/500 leverage (since my broker allows it).
In Generator, I chose an “Entry lot” of 0.03  since I’ll be using 4 pairs and 10 EAs on each pair.

Regarding Historical data:
My two brokers delivered excellent data via EA Studio Data Export Script.
One broker delivered 33-58 months of data (M15, M30 & H1) and the other delivered 16-29 months of data for the same TFs (Timeframes).
I checked the accuracy of the data, they had a max. days off of 2 & 3 (better than Dukascopy. Not for longer period, but long enough)
Decided to stick to the scripts (in stead of Historical data App) because I’d save adjusting the data using Symbol Settings and avoid entering wrong values.

I also noticed that one broker has normal commission (about $7.5 per lot on gold and silver) and the other has ZERO commission on gold and silver. So I’m excited to test the profits on gold and silver there.

Started by running the Reactor for 10 minutes with almost no criteria & no robustness to see how many strategies I can get.
Then I increased the working time to 30 minutes with more stringen Acceptance criteria & Monte Carlo.
30 minutes was enough to test-generate strategies and filter them down to 10 strategies which I added as a PF-EA (Portfolio Expert Adviser).
Recalculating the PF-EA gave me a pretty good idea about what kind of profit I’d expect per day and per month.

If and when all goes well, I’ll let the Reactor run for many hours and thus create solid strategies with confidence.