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Always happy to read your wise comments Richard. Yes, I’m experimenting with a few ideas. But now, I’m even more inspired by your thinking which I’ll certainly take into consideration.

My current plan is to turn everything into a routine – which (as you point out) always will have room for improvement. I’m getting closer to my goal everyday.

My theory (always based on Petko’s teachings) is to work with a Portfolio EA of 10 (will maybe move to 5 inspired by you if it works for me), because I could see the equity line of 10 strategies united into one PF EA equity line – almost regardless the weaknesses of each individual strategy because they complement each others.

Imagine if I could routinely turn creating a PF EA of 10 each month and run them live because I’ve tested them enough times with simulation. My current idea is NOT to use old EAs and validate them, but create 10 COMPLETE new EA each month. That would be my dream… But first, I’ll have to satisfy myself with enough successful simulations. In my view, that’s better than demo-trading.

Regarding playing with the correlation %:
Great idea. However, are you sure that .90 is stead of .98 will give you more different strategies? I’d think the opposite is true (but I could be wrong).

Thank you Richard & good luck to you too.