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Hi tremosor,

This is a difficult question t answer. If we look at the strategy below, you can see overall it was profitable, with a net profit of $284.84, however it did have a draw down of $147.91, and 3 consecutive losses. If we removed it after the losses, we would not have achieved the profit. These are stats for just one month. It’s tough to read current market conditions due to the amount of news being released, which affects the markets.

My advice is, is keep many EAs in your demo accounts, and keep an eye on them, as well as news events. Markets will always recover, but sometimes, it could take some time. Find a system you’re comfortable with, and stick to it strictly. If you find it’s not working, change it a bit. And most importantly, do this on a demo account until you’re comfortable enough to trade live. Don’t be in a hurry.