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Hey Petko,

Your explanation is indeed simple and clear. Thank you sooo much!

As you say: There’s nothing I can do about it because whether I set my computer time zone to UTC or to GMT+1, the discrepancy with summertime and wintertime is the same. Meaning my broker does not synchronize with me. So, as you say, I cannot set the App to be from this to this date to apply on one time zone and from that date to that date to apply on another time zone… Understood!

Now: Can I do the following with the “Data Horizon” function? (regardless the discrepancy in summer-/wintertime)
In stead of training on a demo account for weeks and months, I had the idea of testing 10 best strategies I generate every month from the beginning of 2020 and up to the end of October 2020. I was going to do so, by forcing (via Data Horizon) a start date and an end date of 3 years (not 5) up to every month of 2020.

Here’s an Excel illustration of my plan if that’s easier to understand:
My plan

It should be doable since the historical data is one huge block of data (timeframes and bars) – only synchronized at the end – Right?

Have you (Petko) or anybody had the same idea? Is it a good plan or a waste of time – honestly?

Please comment, fellow traders! Don’t leave everything to Petko.